6 Ideas to Summer Up Your Backyard in 2018

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6 Ideas to Summer Up Your Backyard in 2018

Are you tired of spending too much time and money on vacations? This year, stay in the comfort of your home and try staycationing! However, if you want to have a pleasant and fun staycation, you need to prep your backyard with a few ideas perfect for the summer! Here are our top picks.

Boost Your Privacy in the Backyard

If you’re going to spend a lot of time outside in your backyard, you’ll feel much more comfortable and pleasant if you boost your privacy. Of course, you don’t have to build a prison wall around your property, but a few cute planters or privacy screens will come in very handy and look amazing. Green walls and hanging gardens are especially popular right now.

You’ll Need Some Water

Summer is all about finding ways to stay cool and have fun, so why not finally get a pool? Today, there are practical fiberglass pools that cost much less money and take less time to install than your regular ones while offering you a perfect backyard pool experience! If you don’t have enough time for an in-ground pool, you can invest in an outdoor spa. These take very little space and can get you both cool in the summer and warm in the winter — it’s a win-win situation!

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Add Some Shade

If you get a lot of merciless sunlight during your summers, you definitely need some shade this year. Depending on how much space you have in your backyard, you can choose different options. For instance, big yards can fit a beautiful pergola or a gazebo, but that might be too much for smaller spaces. Instead, check out practical commercial shade sails that will not take away any of your square footage, and will still keep the sun away! Shades sails can be installed over your patio, your outdoor spa or over the sandbox where you kids play. They also come in many sizes and colors, are perfect for any backyard size and are much easier and quicker to put up than a pergola!

Add a Fire Element

The best way to ensure your backyard is in use the whole summer is to invest in a fire pit. This way, you’ll be able to spend quality time outside with your family and friends even when the sun sets and temperatures get a bit chilly. There are many different models of fire pits, from very traditional wood-burning ones to contemporary gas ones and everything in between. You can even DIY a fire pit of your own and settle on a unique design that will perfectly fit your backyard! No matter the design you opt for, roasted marshmallows will taste great!

Outdoor Kitchen for the Win

If you know roasted marshmallows will not ease your hunger, then you must go bigger and invest in an outdoor kitchen! Of course, the star of the show will be your barbeque, but you can also add a food prep area, a mini-fridge.

and some storage to keep your cooking accessories handy. Put some shade sails over your outdoor kitchen and you’ll get to use it no matter the weather!

Boost the Fun

If you have young kids, you’ll need to keep them entertained while you and your partner lounge and enjoy the summer weather. Luckily, there are amazing backyard additions kids simply love! You can give your little ones a fun sandbox to boost their creativity, add a water balloon station or create a real-life bowling alley! Not enough space for these fun activities? Don’t worry! You can create a lawn Twister game, turn your fence into a drawing studio with chalkboard paint or even give your children their own hideout under the deck!

See, you don’t have to spend too much money in order to turn your backyard into a perfect summer haven! Invest in these additions and you’ll have the best summer so far!

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