Tips to Choosing the Best B2B E-commerce Platform for Your Business

Written by Andy Glibert
7 · 12 · 18
Tips to Choose the Best B2B E-commerce Platform

Selling online is no longer just a simple option; it’s more like a necessity or an integral sales channel for most businesses seeking to stay on top of the competitive e-commerce world. Today, several consumers expect stores to have web stores, or an extension of their brick and mortar store to make online shopping convenient for them. The truth is that e-commerce or online shopping is now an important part of our lives, and several businesses try to have a smarter B2B e-commerce platform to ensure costumers have a seamless shopping experience from anywhere convenient for them.

However, what do merchants actually look for in the right e-commerce platform? What are the tips for choosing the right platform to offer an attractive and good interface that most customers want? As you read below, you will learn about some few considerations you should keep in mind when you choose an e-commerce platform for your business.

The Importance of a B2B E-commerce Platform

According to a recent report by Forbes, the sales in the United States (based on predictions) will top to about $1.1 trillion, and this should account for about 12.1% of B2B sales across the USA by 2020. Approximately, this is four times the size of the present e-commerce market. In recent years, the B2B e-commerce market is still in its infancy stage, a stage where most companies still their best to figure out what the best strategies are for their business growth.

The truth is that turning to the best solutions is important for business sales. Just like other B2C companies, B2B companies also need to be where their buyers are, meaning they should be online and make it easier for consumers to access their business.

Keep in mind that a successful e-commerce business would not actually run like a typical store. It has to involve some complex processes, including pricing tiers and special payment terms. To help you with your search for choosing the right e-commerce platform, you need to look for some key features.

Order Management

Today, order management is more about keeping track and managing all the processes, and people in a business. This also involves keeping track of orders and managing all the data that customers receive. If you turn to the best order management app like EMERGE App, you can also keep track on their past order history, pay time, and keep a check on whether each customer is a high-volume consumer. With EMERGE, you will be able to efficiently manage your business operations via different sales channels for inventory, accounting, purchasing, and product management.

It helps to manage data around all vendors who would help to keep the inventory and get the order to the customer.

Integrated Accounting Features

The right platform will also have other features included in it such as multiple currency reporting, invoice creation, automatic updates, accounts payable/supplier invoice, partial and consolidated payments, customer account statement, payment tracking and credit or debit note creation. Apps like EMERGE are surely an all-in-one basic solution you can rely on for swift accounting.

The Best Options for Drop Shippers

Having a cloud bases system will help your business to blend perfectly, regardless of whether it is small or big. For businesses that have daily activities including buying, trading, distribution and more, turning to EMERGE is the best solution. It offers the “drop shipping” feature, which allows purchase online, easy access and fulfillment of orders in a single app. Once you have all the essential information all in one place, you will be able to manage bulk orders.

Although choosing the right e-commerce platform may take lots of time and research, keep in mind that it is the best investment for your business, one that offers long-term peace mentally and the best solution to generate more sales.

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