5 Ultimate Hacks for Curly Hair

Written by Aara Jones
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5 Ultimate Hacks for Curly Hair - Make them Easy to Handle

Okay, so you have nice curly hair! It’s quite brave of you because you’re always defending your decision not to straighten them. You must wonder what you can do to keep those curls looking neat and properly set all the time. Curly hair gets messy way too easier than straight hair. However, you can do some simple things to keep those curls looking fab all day long.

Drying wet hair with a cotton tee:

It’s simple, effective, and done in a snap. If you have natural curls, you already know that using a towel can do some serious curl damage. Instead of a towel, try a cotton tee to dry your hair. Cotton t-shirts are super soft and soak up moisture while making your curly locks look smooth and shiny.


Nobody wants to wake up with untamed, messy curls. “Pineapple-ing” is a simple way to tame frizzy hair while you sleep. Before tucking in, make sure to tie up your curls in a high, loose ponytail. Adjust the ponytail by pulling the base near the top of your head. This way, you’ll be able to sleep comfortably. This technique should help you get super cute curls the next morning.


Co-washing is a no-poo hair care routine to help you get all-day smooth and soft hair. If you have curly hair, it is good to skip shampoo and use a conditioner instead. If you still have doubts, you can begin with a smaller amount. Why not give it a go – doing this twice a week. It will help to reduce dryness by correcting the moisture content in your hair.

Detangling curly hair:

Curly hair looks glamorous, but they can tangle excessively easily. Using a wide-toothed comb is a super-efficient way to get rid of those nasty knots and snags. An even better way is to wet your hair slightly before each combing. A wide-toothed comb can easily untangle your locks without pulling or ripping out your hair strands.


Cocktailing is simply taking an off-the-shelf product and mixing it with raw ingredients to create a personalized hair care solution. It’s an easy and affordable way to try out which combination of products and ingredients works best for your hair. You can mix different hair conditioners and gels with hair oils and serums to create a product that is perfect for your hair and helps to lock in those curls 24/7.

So there you are. I’m sure these simple tips will help you keep your curls in their natural shape for a longer time. These tips are easy on the pocket and take very little time. You can even customize these tips to suit your daily hair care routine and lifestyle.

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