5 Ingenious DIY Ideas to Lighten Up Your Entire Home

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5 Ingenious DIY Ideas to Lighten Up Your Entire Home

Good home lighting is the kind of thing that makes all the difference when it comes to home décor. It can make the whole room more beautiful and pleasant to be in, and it helps that it’s also very practical to have a well-lit home. Are you looking to spruce up your living space and bring some sparkle into the interior and exterior decorations? Then let us show you some easy, inexpensive DIY ideas to lighten up your entire home. Anyone can try these ideas.

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How to Lighten Up Your Entire Home

Bookish Lampshade

While we’re not quite eager to desecrate books, some musty, old, and damaged novels can serve you well for this project. You’ll need to take a hardcover book and cut out a small rectangular piece through the back of the book. Once you have your hole, you’ll need to fix a bulb holder so it fits inside it, and attach the electric cord to it. Drill two holes in the outward corners of the book and pull a piece of string through each, then tie the strings into knots at each end.

You can now spread your book open and mount it on the wall above your bed using a few screws. Turn it on and enjoy the perfect bookworm decoration! Start using this simple DIY idea to lighten up your entire home.

Spherical Hexagon Light

This idea to lighten up your entire home is both a very easy and very challenging project. That is mostly because the basics are easy to understand, but you’ll need a lot of patience to create it. The only thing you really need are pieces of cardboard, and you can even use recycled material for this purpose. Cut the cardboard into long strips, and then bend it so it forms a triangle.

Once you do this, keep making more triangles until you can glue them together to form a hexagon shape from six triangles. Keep making these little hexagons until you have enough of them to form a sphere. After this, put it around a hanging light bulb and turn on the light – the whole room will be full of geometrical shapes.

Lifestyle Glitz - Lighten Up Your Entire Home

Braided Rope Light

This idea to lighten up your entire home is definitely a little trickier. It will require you to use wire, rope, and a new electrical socket. If you live in a country like Australia, you probably aren’t allowed to mess with the electrical installations inside your house without the help of a professional, so be wary of starting any sort of project that involves wiring.

Most Aussies simply hire a good Sydney electrician to help them out, so consider consulting a handyman from your area. Other than this, the project is fairly easy and soothing to make. You’ll need a lot of macramé rope (at least 35 yards), and about 15 feet of lamp wire.

Start by taping your lamp wire to the wall so you could start knotting the rope down the length of it. You could also make a simple braid, but we recommend sailor knots because of the aesthetic appeal of it. Keep knotting the rope until there’s no more left, and then take the ends of your lamp wire and attach them to a socket. Screw in a light bulb and you’re done! You can tie the rope light or twist it around other things in your home, so feel free to get creative!

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Tulle Lamp

This is an easy tutorial to lighten up your entire home because all it requires is some tulle, lampshade base made from wire, a glue gun, and scissors. Start by cutting the tulle into 2-ft pieces, and then glue them all along the bottom of the lampshade. Bring the bits up and tie them above the lamp. Keep trimming and gluing it down until you have a nice, neat shape.

Folded Paper Lamp

Here’s another cool idea to lighten up your entire home. It will require you to do some origami-styled folding. You’ll need A3 papers that are thick enough to hold a good shape, and you can pick any color that you want. Before you begin, you’ll need to make your paper fire-resistant. For that to happen, you must soak it in a borax solution and dry it thoroughly before you can continue. Once you have your paper, you’ll need to draw a grid on it and start folding. Once your lampshade is ready, you can poke holes and pull a string through it, then knot it up and tie it to the ceiling light.

Hope you like our suggestions on how to lighten up your entire home. Pick whichever one sounds the prettiest and try your hand at some easy DIY crafts!

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