5 Dos and Don’ts for Choosing Home Fragrances

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5 Dos and Don'ts for Choosing Home Fragrances

Fragrance and lighting play a key role in creating a distinct ambiance in any room. By using aromatherapy candles, you can instantly light up the vibe in any room, or make it more relaxing. Here are five dos and don’ts for choosing home fragrances and ensuring that you are using scented luxury candles to their full potential.

Lifestyle Glitz - home fragranceDo Consider Your Space

You wouldn’t wear the same handbag for each event because that would be monotonous! With the same reasoning, don’t burn the same candle in every room of your house. Instead, consider the space that the candle will be in. Citrus scents tend to work well in the kitchen as they produce a clean, crisp smell, and floral scents are suitable for the bathroom.

Keep in mind that smaller spaces such as bathrooms need a lightly scented candle as opposed to a candle with a particularly potent smell. Just like with unpleasant odors, powerful fragrances can be overwhelming in a confined space, particularly if there is insufficient ventilation.

That being said, you want to ensure you are choosing a fragrance that aligns with the overall vibe of your home. Just like with all your accessories, your candle choice is connected to what you want to express. So if your room is all grays and blues, pick a herbal scent. If your home has exposed brick or other shades of red, opt for something more woody.

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Don’t Seek to Cloak Unpleasant Odors

While luxury candles bring a pleasant odor to any room, their purpose isn’t to cloak unpleasant odors. Instead of reaching for the nearest candle (or air freshener), seek to erase an offensive scent through adequate cleaning and proper ventilation.

You see, by merely adding a scented candle to a room with a persistent bad smell, you may just be actually intensifying the issue. Think about it – will a room smelling of wet dog smell any lovelier when blended with an orange scent?

If you need to hide an unpleasant smell quickly, scents such as vanilla may be your best option for absorbing unpleasant odors.

Do Combine Different Home Fragrances

Lifestyle Glitz - home fragranceYou can (and should) burn more than one type of scented candle at once. The key is to discover scents that beautifully complement each other. By mixing and matching various candle fragrances, you can create a unique scent for your home. For example, the smell of fuchsia and jasmine can be blended together to recreate the fragrance of your favorite flowers.

Have fun while finding your personalized scent combination. Just try not to formulate anything too overpowering!

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Candle Safety

No matter what the scent, candles should always be handled responsibly to prevent harm and damage to people and property. Ensure you position them only on stable, heat-resistant surfaces (nowhere near curtains and upholstery) and in the appropriate candleholders.

Lit candles should always be out of reach, away from children and pets, and should never be left unattended. Always exercise caution when lighting candles and be sensible about their placement.

Do Consider the Season for Different Home Fragrances

Just as you should take into account the space that you are placing candles in and the overall vibe of your home, you should consider the season, holiday or festivity currently being celebrated.

Candles are a fantastic way to stimulate your senses according to the spirit of the season. To complement the weather and atmosphere of the time, use floral scents in spring and fruity scents during summer.

Similarly, scented candles can be used to create a festive mood during the holidays. Consider purchasing a Ramadan candle to highlight aromas that feel unique to the Emirati experience, and which provokes vivid images of tranquil relaxation and a refreshing journey.

However, keeping in mind all of these dos and don’ts, you should also be open to sampling a range of various fragrances. When you’re striving to discover the appropriate scents for your home, the most important thing to do is an experiment – that is actually a big part of the fun!

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