5 Common Issues That Every Homeowner In DC Has To Face

Written by Rohani Egbert
8 · 19 · 20
Benefits of Using best dc flooring

Washington has a mix of old and new houses in every location around the city. The climate here in DC can be hot and humid during the summers, and snowy during the winters. For this reason, the houses here, especially the old ones, need more maintenance than usual. In most cases, home owners invest in the best DC flooring they can find.

What Are the Best DC Flooring Types?

If you’re planning to buy an old property in the DC region, then you should familiarize yourself with the common issues that you may encounter. Or likewise, also understand what you can do to solve these problems.

1. The Clinginess

Since Washington has both, clayey grounds and heavy downpours, the possibility of high moisture in the air cannot be overruled. This is quite evident from the stickiness that doors and windows often showcase in the capital. Besides, irritating you, this stickiness is also an open invitation to the mosquitoes and other insects into your home. But, there is a simple solution to this problem. You can get your doors and windows repainted frequently and abrade the surface with fine grits to eliminate the sticky pores on the surface.

2. Floor Wear Outs

Floors are one of the most overused (and often overlooked) parts of a house. And a house in Washington DC is no exception. Besides discoloring and fading, flooring in DC houses also experiences damage from water, which is a result of the clayey soil found in the region. Thankfully, you can find the best DC flooring for you in the local stores or online. But make sure you choose the  best DC flooring service provider that can help you decide the type of wood you should be using and also provide the installation services.

3. Problem With Infestation

A common problem that almost every home in the world has to face is pest and animal infestation. However, the DC region has its own threats of infestation as contrary to the common infestants. There have been cases of badger infestation, alligator infestation, and even serpent infestation. It is rather difficult to detect these infestations in the first place, especially when the houses are too old. Experts opine that when you’re buying an old property the best way to make sure that there is no infestation is to check all places in the house. You can simply ask estate department to provide you with a map of the house. And in case you find an infestation you should contact the right professionals to get rid of the intruders.

4. Broken Or Busted Tiles

For an old house, broken or busted tiles are not at all uncommon. In fact, these issues are the very identity of old properties. However, these broken tiles can also lead to the weakening of the structure. Therefore, they cannot be allowed to be as such. It is rather wiser to have a professional contractor go through the property and evaluate the necessary repairs that need to be done. In fact, always buy the best DC flooring.

5. Tilting Windowsills

Windowsills are not just a problem for old houses but new ones as well. It means, regardless of the age of the property you should be vigilant about tilting or bending window frames. It usually happens due to prolonged exposure to moisture and high-temperature variations, which are not uncommon here in Washington DC. however, the best solution for this problem is replacing the windowsills in every two to three years.

So, now that you know what common problems and the importance of getting the best DC flooring, you should be expecting and how you can solve them, we hope that you find your dreamy abode as soon as possible. That being said, make sure that you consult with experienced professionals for any other problem that you face.

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