How to Dress Expensively Perfect Style on a Budget

Written by Andy Glibert
8 · 19 · 20
How to Dress Expensively Perfect Style on a Budget


We all deserve to feel and look our very best, regardless of the budget that we’re working with! Even though it can feel a little defeating to hunt for beautiful clothing when you really don’t have the means to splurge, there are actually a few ways about looking fantastically expensive on the daily, without being irresponsible with your paycheck. Here are a few spending and styling pointers to make you look perfectly on point no matter what kind of a budget it is that you’re shopping with…

Know your measurements and shop fit first

First things first, dimensions. For clothing to look expensive and well styled, it absolutely has to fit you properly first. Fit should come before anything else, you could have the most stunning dress in the world but if it’s too big, it’s big, right? Right! So dig up your measuring tape and note down your height, leg inseam, waist, hip and chest measurements. This will ensure that any piece you purchase measures up well against your proportions – whether you’re shopping in store or online.

Learn to tailor

If you’re struggling to find threads that fit you well (or at all) then it might be time that you made friends with your local tailor, or picked up a new skill. Clothing can go from pedestrian to perfection with just a few tweaks, a re-hemming or an extra button here and there.

Start with the simple

Once you’re familiar with the fits and cuts that you need, you can turn your attention towards aesthetics. When you’re shopping for clothing with a limited budget, it’s best to start as simple as possible. Build up the basics and you’ll find yourself with an adaptable, chic and timeless closet that’s going to work for you for many, many seasons to come. Many people make the mistake of veering towards fast fashion and fleeting trends when they only have a small amount of money to work with, but for countless reasons this is best avoided at all costs. Instead, slowly and surely invest your money in quality pieces that are crafted from natural materials. Trend immune, timeless and beautifully made clothing will always stay in style and will last a lifetime, saving you money, time and effort in the long run.

Curate a classic capsule

A capsule wardrobe consists of a limited number of pieces that all mix and match perfectly with one another. This is a great solution to stylish, simple dressing on a budget! Curate a capsule wardrobe to take all the guesswork and expenses out of beautiful dressing.

Enhance with accessories

Your accessories are where you can get a little playful and add plenty of personality to your different outfit! Add ons can really transform a look, plus they’re relatively inexpensive and a great way to follow trends without splashing out on pricey items.

Take your time

Be patient when you’re shopping for clothing! Too many of us want everything right now, and that’s no way to shop particularly when you don’t have a whole lot of money to work with. Take your time, be mindful, wait for your favourite pieces to go on discount and shop smart. Shopping for clothing on sale is great because it forces you to really think about whether you need an item or not throughout the season, if the answer is eventually yes then you’ll be able to pick up that piece at a reduced rate!


With these tips on your side, you’ll be looking incredibly stylish, classic and expensive without sacrificing your savings!

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