Termites Myths You Should Never Believe

Written by Andy Glibert
8 · 06 · 20
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Termites are the worst members of the pest family. They are silent destroyers and prove to be the most destructive to your property. People often underestimate the termites early on and afterwards face the dire consequences. Hence it’s really important that you adopt offensive approach towards them and protect your property before it’s too late. If you have even a little doubt about the presence of termites in your home, you should call termite control services to do anti-termite treatment. For better protection and minimum damage, you should get regular free high-quality pest inspection from Neoteric Chemicals and Services and remain sure about safety of yourself and your property.

Termites Myths You Should Never Believe

Furthermore, we all need to educate ourselves regarding the problems caused by termites and how to tackle them. Knowledge is power and the most needed weapon in the war against termites. As we are living in developing society, we have a long way to reach such a point where our people start discarding folklores and seek truth by themselves. As for termites and termite treatments are concerned, following are the most common prevailing myths in our society that you should never believe.

Myth No.1: My Home Is Safe Because It Is Made Of R.C.C & Brick Masonry

Commonly, our home building contains wooden doors, windows and other non-structural and sometimes structural members (especially in Semi-rural areas). Therefore, it attracts termites. Termites live by eating on wood and other cellulose materials. People who live in the houses made up of reinforced cement concrete and brick masonry often believe that their homes are safe and underestimate the termites as, according to them: there is no smorgasbord of wood in house to attract termites.

However, the truth is that termites can travel through cracks of concrete and brick masonry very easily. Windows, doors and their wooden frames are most suitable access points for termites and from there they can reach to your furniture inside the home while searching for their next meal. Therefore, you always need a protecting layer created by Anti-termite treatment around every home.

Myth No.2: My Home Is Safe Because It Was Previously Treated For Termites

An effective Anti-termite Treatment in Lahore can offer you long-lasting protection against termites, but it cannot protect you forever. Therefore, it does not mean that your home is perfectly safe because it was previously treated. You can contact Neoteric C&S Ltd to get best termite control services in Lahore. Moreover, our experts will help you in determining the correct timeline for re-application of Anti-termite Treatment. There is no one-size-fits-all time table because different treatments have different timelines for effectiveness.

Myth No.3: Termites are Easy to Detect

Termites are easily visible to the naked eye and it’s not hard to spot their huge colony when you know the right place to look. However, it does not mean that you can detect termites easily whenever you want. Also, if you don’t see any termite or any sign of infestation in your home, it will not mean that you are safe completely.

Termites do not fool around in open and dry places. They need a constant source of moisture for their survival hence there is high possibility that they nested deep down in foundation of your home. Even professionals need special tools and techniques to locate them. You might have a huge termite infestation in your home without ever knowing it.

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