4 Tips for Hiring a Food Photographer

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
7 · 01 · 17
Food Photographer Hiring Tips

In today’s modern era, it’s nothing new that iPhones have taken over DSLRs with their unbelievable HD image quality. The prices of DSLRs are coming down, and it’s more of a challenge for any food photographer to make his or her living as a professional. It’s a good thing that smartphones are taking over photography, and more people are familiarizing themselves with photography.  There’s a certain fear that this new age of technology could soon make professional photographers undervalued.

However, one may wonder, what makes a professional photographer rank higher among amateurs? First, you should understand the job of a professional food photographer.

What Happens in Food Photography?

Working as a photographer in the food industry is a lot more difficult than you realize. It’s not about taking a shot of things you eat to upload on Instagram to impress your friends. A food photographer’s job is actually to battle with culinary masterpieces, and contact publishing houses for regular work. It’s about capturing high definition images and sourcing your shots to agencies to reap unbelievable rewards. These days, if you wish to become a professional food photographer, you can enroll in special training, which

These days, if you wish to become a professional food photographer, you can enroll in special training, which teaches you all the fun that comes with this profession. However, the truth is that unless you master some tips and tricks, you won’t be able to capture the right image of your food.

What a Professional Food Photographer Does

Food photographers pay attention to certain aspects surrounding the objects they capture. If you are a photographer, here are some tips to help make your professional journey one you will value for life!

1.     Avoid Natural Lighting

Okay, natural lighting is actually fantastic, and most people agree that it’s best to use it as often as possible. However, the quality of pictures captured by iPhones under natural lighting looks quite great too. To make sure that your shots look unquestionably better than those taken by iPhones, you should do some experimenting with the filters that come with your DSLR, and no camera flash works best.

2.     Try Different Angles

Just like taking shots of people from flattering angles, the same goes for food! It’s vital that you keep this same concept in mind to capture the best photo. As a food photographer, try different angles and keep the choice of your clients in mind. Also, keep in mind that some angles could lead to better or worse shots. For example, if you decide to take a shot of a row of cupcakes, you have to keep your lens at the right angle to capture them all. However, if you shoot a collection of ingredients, a side angle won’t be appropriate. You can benefit here by taking their shot from above to create a sense of perspective, scale, and depth.

3.     Location Matters

Think about what you wish to accomplish. If you want to show food at its best, your kitchen will serve right as the studio. If you don’t have one, then you need to move to one! Besides serving as the ideal place to shoot food at its freshest, nothing beats the kitchen for its workspace. If you wish to create a natural, yet impressive shot, you can always head over to the dining table to capture masterpieces.

4.     Depth of Field in Focus

People usually have a natural inclination to shoot their food as wide as possible under natural light. However, we recommend that you try to take food photographs in the focus mode. This certainly creates dreamy backgrounds and creates soft images. Just keep in mind that the background’s blurry effect should be somewhat in focus, to show that you are shooting the food. This works best for cupcakes too.

Becoming a professional food photographer isn’t a difficult task. You just to keep practicing, be sure to experiment new styles and angles. Soon you will be on the road to work on bigger projects and create an impressive portfolio of your own!

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