Top 4 of the Most Unique Hotels of the World

Written by Aara Jones
7 · 01 · 17
Unique Hotels of the World - Top 4 Hotels You Must Visit

When you think about the best locations for a holiday, probably you imagine cities like New York or Paris. However, did you know there are some unique hotels in the world that can take you to a completely new world and give you a remarkable holiday experience? From rugged to luxurious, these hotels offer the greatest and most impressive travel experience on the planet!

Have you ever imagined sleeping in a medieval European castle, a tree house, or in an underwater bedroom? You can actually live the life of your dreams in magical hotels.

4 Most Unique Hotels in the World

Here’s our countdown to the coolest, unique, and enthralling hotels of the world!

#4- Golden Crown Levin Iglut, Finland

Plan a holiday trip here and get set to marvel at the northern lights in one of the glass igloos (there are 18), that accommodate families and couples. These are located six miles away from the resort town of Levi, and each one of the Igloo has a perfect kitchen with amazing breakfast sets. The Glass Igloos come with a full bath, along with a double bed with headrests (you can adjust these for all round viewing) and more facilities. The windows come with insulation, to keep the area free from cold. For privacy, you can also request for curtains.

Enjoy a holiday by the fireplace, cuddled in these cozy getaways!

#3-Treehotel, Sweden

Located in Harads, Sweden, in the pine forest, has six unique hotels tree rooms (still in progress, more are set to open in the near future) await adventure seekers! Enjoy living in a luxurious treehouse, better than the ones you had in your childhood. The treehouses include capsule-like cabins, lifelike bird’s nest, and the breathtaking reflective mirror cube (blends perfectly with the forest trees and looks invisible), and the UFO to take you to the world of outer space! The fun part is the time out you get relaxing in the Tree Sauna!

#2-Ashford Castle, Ireland

While most people love to spend vacations taking a tour around Europe’s medieval castles, have you ever wished to spend a night in one? The Ashford Castle, located in Cong, Ireland gives you the ultimate chance of a lifetime to stay in one. Right from the entrance and through the impressive gates and walls, this is one of the unique hotels. It separates itself from other hotels in its size alone. This huge castle is centuries old, starting with its first mansion built in the year 1228. In the year 1589, the construction of the protective walls around it took place. By 1715, the Ashford name came around because of the addition of the French-style chateau wing.

In the year 1852, Ashford became the property of the famous Guinness family, who grew the estate to 260,000 acres, rebuilt the west wing, and planted over thousands of trees. However, the greatest change came in the 1900s, when the castle transformed into a hotel. Now it’s a 5-star property and a night in this magnificent castle is truly a unique experience on its own.

#1-The Conrad Hilton Hotel, Maldives

Among all the amazing hotels in Maldives, the Conrad Hilton by far is the coolest one. It is on Rangali Island and takes the Lagoon experience to a new level. What makes it unique is its Hilton stilt hut villas. They are complete with see-through glass flooring sections, and some have beds that rotate to follow the sunset. You can dine with your family in the underwater restaurant and enjoy a good night sleep in the underwater hotel rooms. While your stay here, you can look for dolphins, snorkel with whale sharks. If not, stroll around the white sand beaches, and do lots more.

Many other hotels that make it to the top of the list. However, this marks it to an end of our collection of the unique hotels in the world. Pack your bags and get set to enjoy a unique holiday experience!

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