Is Working in the Animation Industry a Good Career Choice?

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7 · 22 · 17
Career Choice: Is Working in the Animation Industry Good?

Deciding on what field to specialize in, or which career to choose can be an exciting, yet challenging mission. Most of the time, people think twice about stepping into this field mainly because it requires quite some time and money to acquire the skills and training. Before you choose any profession, it is best that you opt for it only because you wish for it, and not because others force it down on you.

If you have made up your mind to work in the animation industry, then you should know it is a field that requires a lot of creativity and technicalities. In simple terms, the animation is an art that involves bringing images to life. Through knowledge on the creation of multimedia clips, and having the right knowledge on the blends of technology and entertainment, a job in animation can prove to be a lucrative profession choice for many. How is this so?

Diverse Career Options

In animation industry, it is an estimate that there are over 70% job options in different categories. You could choose to become:

  • An Animation Technical Director– in the world of animation, this occupation choice is on the top position, especially on the production site. You can keep up with competition, technology, and the trendy news to direct your team to create the most popular graphics in the industry.
  • A Video Game Designer– in this profession choice, you can use codes to make different characters come to life and through user commands make them defeat aliens with a touch of reality.
  • A 3D Artist– with 3D movies taking over cinemas today, you can add your creativity by specializing in the 3D aspect of animation.
  • An Art Director– if you choose art director as your career choice in the animation industry, then your job will be more about ensuring that other people work under you in the most efficient and accurate ways. You can supervise the animation, lighting, commercials, movies, shows, games and a lot more.
  • A Graphic Artist– with your artistic talents, and computer knowledge, you can specialize in graphics and become a graphic artist. You can choose designs, colors, and different layouts to create cartoons and different game characters.

A Popular Culture

Despite the economic crises that occur all around the globe, a career in the animation industry is one that will continue to grow at a rapid pace. It is an estimate that animation is one profession that will encounter a prolonged period of boom and a path that would continuously expand.

In today’s modern era, there is no denying that movies in 3D, games and a lot more have become an integral part of our pop culture. This means that in years to come, the chances of animation meeting with a dead end are quite low.

Better Employment

Not every person has what it takes to become an animator. If you have the right skills, then you should count yourself very lucky because not everyone can become an animator. The animation industry is always searching for people who have the right talents and skills to work on the graphics, or creation of 3D animations through software of free hand sketches. This means you have a better chance at employment as well as the chance to earn a lot more than other career options offer.

In the U.S. alone, people who have more than 5 years of experience can bag as much as $48,000 on average. With constant games and movies releasing every year, you can rest assured that animation is one career that will always have a job vacancy ready for you even after a time of 5-6 years from now.

Flexible Working Hours

Unlike other career options that require you to work the standard 8-9 hours in a day, as an animator, you have the rare advantage of working on hours that are suitable for you. The choice is all yours so can work in the middle of the night, or hours that are better for your job.

To someone who loves animation, gaining a well-paid job in this industry can be a dream come true for him or her. A career in animation is great; the only thing you have to focus on is continuous hard work to reach your desired level of success.

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