Why Do Young Men Put On Cologne So Much?

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Why Do Young Men Put On Cologne So Much? | Lifestyle Glitz

Age plays an essential role in the clothing and grooming of a person. Not that it has a visible effect on your lifestyle but what choices you make. As young people have more energy and enthusiasm, they have a different style and dressing sense than mature men. Therefore, when we compare young men and their cologne choices and applications, we find it is entirely different from the elder ones.

Other than the choosing various colognes and fragrances, young men also tend to apply more on their bodies and clothes. It is a visible difference, and many people may ask why the young men put on so much cologne?

1.    Young men seek more attention:

As we grow older, we mature with our age, but when we are young we want more attention, and that is why we do things, which can make us unique and prominent. Many young men and teenagers opt for different groups, looks and adopt some hobbies, which will make them stand out from others. Similarly, when it comes to the perfumes and colognes, they prefer stronger scents, which can draw attention towards them, and it is

the same reason, which makes them wear a lot of cologne as well. When they wear more perfume, they are hard to overlook, and people will give them more attention.

2.    Behave like a grown up:

While growing up many young men behave and copy an adult. They adopt few habits and hobbies of a grown up. That is why they usually start smoking, making girlfriends and dressing up like them, including using too much cologne, which will show them as an adult. In addition, there can be several other reasons for using too much cologne and perfumes such as they want to get the attention of other people and show that they are ready for the practical world.

3.    Sexual appeal:

The sexual attraction is one of the most common reasons for a teenage male, they want to attract more girls, and that is why they use too much cologne as well. It has been advertised and marketed all around the world that the colognes help you increase your sex appeal. And after application of a suitable perfume, girls will chase after you. It is also true as well since the excellent smells attract the women and they prefer those men who apply good colognes.

When we talk about attracting girls and women, the young people try all the methods to become a gentleman, and that is why they apply way too much cologne than they actually should. Therefore, when it comes to the teenagers, they use quite more perfumes than the mature men do.

4.    Hormonal changes and sweat:

When a boy enters in the adolescent, they face many hormonal changes, which are quite visible such as the growth of hair on the face and other parts of the body, pimple, and acne, change in voice and active sweat glands. That is why they produce more body odor in their growing years, therefore handling the sweat and smell is quite tricky especially for the young boys. That is why they apply too much cologne to reduce the body odor and wetness, which is very high in the teenage men.

As much as you need anything, the colognes are the best option to cover the smell, and it helps you in building your confidence as well.

5.    Sports and active lifestyle:

Usually, the young men are involved in active lifestyles and sports that is why they can produce more sweat. Ordinary sports activities are skating, boxing, cycling and any other like basketball or football. That is why the young people also need to cover the odor of the sweat. Many times, we see a young boy with lots of love and enthusiasm for games and sport especially the outdoor ones that are why they need better fragrances, which can cover the body odor. It is the most common reason for young men using way too much cologne on their bodies and clothes, and that is why they also need better and cheaper colognes to get them going all day long.

6.    Building their personality and style:

When it comes to taking things and life dangerous, they have to do a lot of stuff for that mainly they have to develop their character for women and other fields of living. Therefore, young men have to dress up and adopt the ethics of a gentleman, which includes applying cologne and perfumes to enhance their style. However, many times rather than keeping things on a love note, younger men put too much product on them, which sometimes disturbs others. It is also important that the teenager males apply right scent and correct amount for better results.

The adolescent and growing years are part of everyone’s life, and that is why many young men make mistakes in choosing the right cologne and applying it in the small amount, which is enough for them. In addition, they must learn more about how to buy the right cologne for themselves and learn what the correct method of using perfume is that lasts longer. Some tips for using and applying the cologne can help them use a little amount and make most out of it. In addition, they must learn that they can make things work except overdoing it.

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