What A Barrisol Installer Can Do With Barrisol?

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What A Barrisol Installer Can Do With Barrisol

Barrisol ceilings can be seen in most of the top interior design magazines worldwide. It is all because of its high-end aesthetics design and features. Finding the right barrisol installer is important as they can provide expert barrisol ceiling installation and maintenance services to homeowners and interior designer and architects.

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Barrisol ceilings are an elegant technology, which offers buildings modern, reliable, excellent and satisfactory solutions to the ceilings. They were first used in France over centuries back and now it is used globally in many countries. These products are world leaders in terms of beauty and elegance. Today, the barrisol installer systems are available across over 100 countries in the world. Besides the ceilings, barrisol systems can be used as coverings for the walls, diffusers for lights, floating panels, creative shapes, and many others. The right installer helps in suggesting and incorporating different kind of lights, fittings, grills, and fixed points with the foundation made with robust barrisols.

What is a Barrisol Ceiling?

What A Barrisol Installer Can Do With Barrisol?

Technically, a barissol is defined as a suspended system of ceilings that comprises of a couple of basic things and these are a fabric membrane and perimeter track. The fabric membrane is extremely lightweight in nature. This membrane gets stretched while the construction process is conducted by the barrisol installer. The rail system around the perimeter holds the fabric in place.

The general dimension of fabric used by barrisol installers is about 0.2 millimeters thick. The topmost feature of barrisol is that it is made from completely recyclable PVC material. You can choose from a plethora of finishes and colors and sync it with the theme of the property where it is being installed.

Barrisol Installer Systems:

This system comes in many designs and types as listed below:

  • Satin
  • Gloss
  • Mirror
  • Perforated
  • Translucent
  • Recycled
  • Acoustic

Reasons for using Barrisol installer systems:

Easy and quick installation:

Barrisol installer systems can be installed very fast. Moreover, they can adapt to the existing décor and design much more seamlessly. In a modern building, a lot of technology is used. These are the varied fire detectors, lighting, sprinklers, etc. The installer with its plethora of alternatives goes well with these modern technicalities and technology.

Printing on Barrisols gives it unique designs:

One trending barrisol ceiling installation in fashion these days is the printed barrisol kind. This concept helps to create unique designs using the medium of digital printing technology. Digital printing techniques help print any design on the membrane used by the barrisol installer system. There is a large variety of designs available, which you can choose from the endless barrisol gallery collections. The image banks are huge and you will be spoilt for choices. However, you can also go for customizations. If there is any specific image on your mind that can be imprinted once a digital prototype is found.

Real world applications:

Some of the world famous barrisol installers make use of the image banks that have grown as a result of partnerships with Museum of Printed Textiles, la Réunion des Musées Nationaux and the Museum of Wallpaper.

Customized barrisols:

For any picture or an image to be printed on the barrisol, the same must be provided to the machine at the highest possible resolution. This ensures highest levels of clarity of the design to be carried out precisely.

Barrisol installer systems come with standardizations and hence are completely durable and safe. Using these as ceilings will not just add to the beauty but also strengthen the structure like never before.

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