Ways to Get Rid of Hickeys Quickly

Written by Andy Glibert
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Ways to Get Rid of Hickeys Quickly

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Hickeys are the purplish marks on the skin which can occur for various reasons like aggressive kissing, biting, sucking, allergy or even the bug bites. If it was due to a bug bite, why would you be finding the solution here? You’re here because it wasn’t the bug who gave you a bite but it was your love and now you have to get rid of hickeys as soon as possible so that you may not appear before your wife, girlfriend or even before your parents like a criminal.

Here you are worried and want to know about ways to get rid of hickeys quickly so we won’t waste your time in explaining medical reasons why hickeys or love bite marks appear on your skin. We’ll quickly tell you about the solutions and remedies to remove or fade these hickeys or love bite marks. But keep it in mind that there’s not instant magic that can remove instantly the hickeys but yes each remedy that we’re going to tell will either fade the hickeys or will quicken the fading process. If you do nothing, the hickeys automatically disappear from your skin within one or two weeks.

How to get rid of a hickey

Here are some ways to get rid of hickeys fast:

Give it Some Ice

Instantly available solution to get rid of hickeys is ice cube. Get an ice cube or the ice bag or even the bag of frozen peas and press it against the love bite marks for at least six to eight minutes. Don’t remove it even if it irritates you before at least six minutes. Check your skin after removing the ice and rub it a bit and clean it. You will see a magic and the hickeys will get faded to an ignorable level.

Vinegar Magic

You might have read about various home remedies where vinegar is used as a magical solution and here apple cider vinegar comes again to help you out in this problem. Take a cotton ball and dip it in apple cider vinegar and rub it on the affected skin. Keep rubbing for few minutes. You can directly rub with your fingertips as well. Rubbing the hickey with vinegar will fade the marks to a considerable level. Repeat the process several times in a day till you completely get rid of hickeys or love bite marks.

Toothpaste is not for Teeth Only

Toothpaste does almost the similar trick as an ice cube or ice bag does. But if you have some peppermint toothpaste at home, you are lucky because peppermint toothpaste is most effective thing to remove or fade the hickeys from your skin. Apply a layer of peppermint toothpaste on the marks and wash it after a couple of hours. Let it do its magic for few hours and apply toothpaste again. Do it two or three times in a day and all the hickey marks will disappear within just 24 hours.

Try these tricks and home remedies to get rid of hickeys quickly. But if you don’t have that much time, you can use concealer foundations from the makeup base to conceal the marks temporarily till the above remedies complete their job.

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