Are There Bad Cards In Tarot?

A lot of people have a misconception that tarot is magical and that there are evil or bad cards in tarot which can ruin your life. However, it is important to note that tarot cards are not bad in any form. It is a book of wisdom where every card represents a situation in life. With a good deck, it can be possible to bring to life the energy or the essence of a card, which can be easily recognized by one.

Are there bad cards in tarot?

Many will mention that there are bad cards in the tarot like the Death card or The Tower and The Devil. These cards do scare people at the time of the reading. However, one should not think of these cards as evil or bad cards. They do not signal anything negative in your life. Neither does it literally mean that there will be a death. With experience and understanding, the tarot reader will be able to explain what the cards mean and how they relate to your life.

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The reader

The reader is basically a translator who will see the energy in the cards and then translate the same into words so that you can easily understand it. In fact, the reader has the power to understand the deeper meaning of the cards and he is really just broadcasting the information to you. Some do it exceptionally well while some are not really good with the translation. The reader will see an image or hear something and will have a strong feeling or an inner calling about you. This happens when they can relate to the person in front of them. Sheila Moon from Psychic2Tarot says that without that special connection between you and your psychic you will probably struggle to get sound advice.

A professional reader needs to have verbal clarity, tact, and awareness of the person he is reading for. He needs to ensure that the clear and concise meaning of the card is explained to the person. Tarot will not feel dangerous or bad if the reader has clarity about the same. There are a lot of readers who are responsible and look at the whole picture so that you can understand what is happening in your life right now and can make up your mind.

The future

If you are only concerned about a future prediction in the tarot reading, you might have a reason to worry here. Tarot does not predict the future of any individual and it is you who has the power to change your future. The situations, circumstances, and opportunities in your life will change from time to time and it is you who can make the right decision and change your life. You need to be very clear about why you want a tarot reading and if you want to know what will happen to you in the future, you might want to skip the reading. There can be no long term future predictions through tarot but it can help you make the right choices and take the right decisions in your journey of life.

Here is how you can limit the chances of reading bad cards in the tarot

  • Every tarot reader will try their best to limit the chance of bad reading and this can be done by saying a prayer before you read and ask that the outcome of the reading will be for a greater good. You need to picture the reading to be going well.
  • In case of a bad feeling, it is best to not go ahead with the reading. Trust your instinct and if you do not feel right about it, do not do it.
  • You can ask for a recommendation from somebody who has seen the person and understands how they presented their information. Is there anything that worried them about the reading?
  • As a querent, you need to be very careful about what you ask for. Are you ready to listen to the answers? Is it important for you to ask the question?

Tarot readers have your best interest in their heart and they are only providing a service which will help you live your life to the fullest and find answers to life that are empowering and enriching. The reader will try to guide you in the right direction and will help you throughout your journey. You need to remember that there are no evil or bad cards in tarot and there can always be a positive outcome of the reading if you have a clear and positive mind.

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