Vuuzle Is Here For Android And iPhone For Changing Streaming Industry

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1 · 01 · 19
Vuuzle For Android And iPhone For Changing Streaming

Streaming is the next trend around the world and people are using the most powerful device “smartphones” to connect with the audience. Millions of people are going live every day on social media sites, video sharing sites, and open sites. Even though there are so many sites online, only a few can come forward & display talent.

Bionk Live streaming LLC developed an Android & iOS streaming application for the world to try. Unleashing the source of entertainment created by the people and anyone can become content creator using Vuuzle Live.

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What is Vuuzle Live?

Vuuzle Live is the successor of Bonk Live app developed for Android & iOS smartphones. Vuuzle Live is a streaming application that lets people create an account and start streaming online. The platform created for the users to create various content without any restrictions. The concept is similar to Twitch, but it allows any category users create content.


  1. Vuuzle Live added virtual gifts in the application, and you can use them to grab the attention of the star. Every platform has a star on it, and the application allows you to buy the virtual gifts and send the streamer to let them know that you are watching them. The virtual gifts have a meaning, and it consists of real money.
  2. The viewers can go crazy in the live chat, where you can send multiple stickers to the streamer. The stickers express the users feeling, and it tells the broadcaster about the users feeling.
  3. An in-built feature that lets you connect to the Facebook, Twitter, or Google account without any issues. The users don’t have to sign in by using username and password; it makes the life easier.
  4. A reward system exists to allows the streamers to make money. Broadcasters can earn from streaming live from advertisements, virtual gifts, and clicks. Yes, the users can send you virtual gifts that convert into real money, then transferred into your bank account. The company worked hard to create new ways to monetize, so the income of the streamers can increase.
  5. Vuuzle Live developers added a game-like Users have to finish the task to achieve VIP status on the platform.
  6. The latest feature allows the users to maintain privacy during a call. Let us assume that the user received a call during a stream; then the app pauses the LIVE video. The caller ends the call and then resumed the stream after opening the app from the drawer.

Currently, Vuuzle Live supports Android & iOS phones, tablets, and devices.

Install & Sign up Vuuzle Live?

Allow us to show quick guide to Vuuzle Live installation & sign up.

Step 1: Go to the Google Play store & Apple App store to download the app. The user has to grant permissions such as voice, microphone, location, photos/media, and more.

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Step 2: You have two options to sign up or login.

  1. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Interestingly, you must have the social media apps installed on your smartphone and Google login is a good option.
  2. Sign up via an email. We are going to show you how to sign up using an email address.

Step 3: Tap on the “sign up” and enter the email address, then tap on “->” in the app.

Step 4: Now, open the email client and verify the email address.

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Step 5: I have verified the email via desktop, and it will automatically redirect on your smartphone.

Step 6: Add personal information like picture, name, gender (optional), interest, and then click “next.”

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The account setup completed and the app redirects the users to the home screen of the application.

Interface Vuuzle Live

A glimpse of the interface gives an idea on the features & functions that users are going to experience with Vuuzle Live app.

  1. At the top menu, you have popular (streamers), new (new streamers), channels (popular channels), discover, and news (trending news worldwide).
  1. At the bottom, you have streams (watched streams or followed channels streams), moments (like & dislikes), chat (inbox), and profile.

Live Stream: In the stream, the users have the option to comment with emojis. Users can view the number of watchers and likes as well. In case, if someone has sent virtual gifts, then you can view them in the right sidebar.

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Bonk Live LLC reinvented the streaming services by adding Vuuzle Live to the app library on Play Store and App store. Let us know what do you think about Vuuzle Live in the comment section below.

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