The Untold Secret to Christmas Ideas in Less Than Ten Minutes

Written by Aara Jones
7 · 01 · 17
The Untold Secret to Christmas Ideas

You must have read numerous articles about Christmas gift ideas, but not many people share an untold secret to these ideas. Where do these creative ideas come from? How do people think of such goodies and amazing new ways to surprise people? There is no jukebox for Christmas ideas if that’s what you’re thinking. Nevertheless, I will tell you where these ideas come from – it’s from your heart!

The Secret to Amazing Christmas Ideas

Get the Christmas Spirit

Christmas is a time of joy – a time when you can tell the people in your life how much you love them. It’s a time to give whole-heartedly. You may have saved enough through the past several months, and this is the time to dive into those savings. You have to feel the happiness and share happiness with people you love. The best way to make loved ones feel special is by presenting them with things they would want to have and haven’t been able to acquire through the year.

Think about What They Wish For

If you have been able to maintain a connection with the people in your life through the year, like your parents, siblings, and friends, then you must have shared moment when they told you what they wanted. Many people make plans to travel to new places, but they may not have saved enough to buy tickets. Some people may want the latest computer games, but they were not able to spare time to go shopping. Perhaps it’s jewelry, a ticket to a show, clothing, or even a pet. If you have been paying attention to what the people you love said, you will know what gifts to give to them.

Listen to the Silences

Not everyone feels comfortable expressing his or her innermost desires. Listening to silence could be one of the toughest Christmas ideas to explore.

I am one of those people who like to work towards acquiring things I need all by myself. I remember my childhood and my dad’s persistence about one thing he worried most about me. Whenever he was traveling or whenever it was his payday, he would ask all we kid, “What would you like me to bring for you?”

My elder sibling would recite her list of things she wanted, and I would remain silent. Dad would hold me to face him and ask me what I wanted, but I would remain silent. My thoughts were mostly concerns about all the things my sibling had already listed. I didn’t want to burden my father with excessive spending and would smile and say, “Nothing dad, I just want you to be back safely.”

Somehow, my dad would hear my silence and would never return empty handed. He would bring the things my elder sister wanted but would not forget to bring me a yellow dress, or a sandal, or a new hair clip, or a new perfume. Each time, he knew I needed something or the other. For some people, it’s not about the most expensive gifts that matter. It’s just knowing that you cared and the gesture of bringing them something from your heart.

Surprise Has Its Own Charm

Yes, Christmas is all about gifts and exploring new Christmas ideas, but then have you ever realized that the packing and the idea of boxing the gift adds a special charm to things. I love surprising my loved ones with gifts and that’s why I plan to present them in the most amazing manners. The gift may be a small jewelry, but I wouldn’t pack it in a manner to give it away too easily. Sometimes, I roll it up in a wrap to make it seem like a cylindrical item. Let them assume it is a pen or wonder what it is, and when they unwrap it, the look on their face is priceless. It may be a perfume bottle the person loves and has been looking for, but I would conceal it in a bag or parcel mixed with some foam, pieces of clothing. Try to be mysterious and never let your loved ones suspect what the gift is.

By the way, have you considered gifting someone an eBook reader this Christmas?

Make it Theatrical If You Must

I doubt anyone has shared this as one of the best Christmas ideas, but here goes. Somehow, over the years, I’ve discovered that people are different. Some people like a quiet moment with you when you present gift. Some people need a theatrical presentation. I have a friend who loves drama, mixed with emotions and some expressive dialogues that assure her of our lifelong friendship. Just go with the best way to make your loved ones feel special. Everyone is different, so work towards making it special for everyone you love.

I think, this Christmas, don’t keep the gifts around a Christmas tree. Let them wonder why there are no gifts, and then make the presentation something new and maintain the element of surprise. Explore other amazing Christmas ideas you’ve never tried. By the way, what’s your new year’s resolution for 2017? Leave some comments below because we would love to hear from you!

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