Understanding the Basic Advantages of Mixed Netball

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Understanding the Basic Advantages of Mixed Netball

Netball is a game quite like basketball, for it was earlier derived from basketball. The international standards of this game were fixed by International Federation of netball and Women Basketball back in 1960. Netball primarily started as a women game, with mostly women players all around the world. Moreover, it found prominent sporting in all the Commonwealth nations. However, in Australia men started playing netball since 1980. Today, Australia also conducts Men’s and mixed competitions of netball. That’s why you need to understand the advantages of mixed netball and know what it is about.

Today, mixed netball happens to be a popular game throughout Australia and all around the world. The rules and regulations of the game are all the same in mixed netball apart from a unique modification that is men and women playing together. Though it may sound quite odd and impractical to have teams of both genders, yet the game is real fun and practical. Even international competitions are being conducted throughout the world.

One of the advantages of mixed netball is that there are governing rules of the game, which decides among the seven playing members of each team how many can be men and how many women. Since there is strict regulation in this field, it automatically balances the team strength.

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Understanding the Basic Advantages of Mixed Netball

The Benefits or Advantages of Mixed Netball

Mixing both the gender together, bringing both their dynamic approaches, strengths, and skills together on the same platform increases the excitement of the game. In a mixed netball game, you will find both men and women equally competing and playing together to cross over the challenges of the game. Moreover, even for the spectators, it happens to be full of excitement and thrill to watch both skilled men and women players synchronizing and cooperating with each other with enthusiastic team spirit.

  • When driven on the same platform and set in a game to play together both men as well as women players try to exhibit their utmost abilities and strength.
  • It offers an exclusive scope of social bonding, enhancing a mutually respectable relation between players of both genders. Since these players play together, they respect each other’s skill without undermining any gender.
  • One of the advantages of mixed netball is that it sets higher goals of performance for both genders. Since women have been in this game since ages, they tend to have sheer expertise in the field. In spite of that, when men take up this game and play together the spirit and performance level sets higher.

Health Benefits of Mixed Netball

 Think of moving around the netball court in swift reflexes, responding in multiple directions, sprinting up to 20fts to score goals, combating the skills and expertise of each gender by the opposite gender, requires definite physical fitness. And mixed netball offers both men and women the opportunity to play and keep their physical fitness intact and also improve together. In trying to compete with one another, every player pays much attention to improved cardiovascular health, muscle strength and flexibility. This not only contributes to physical fitness, but it also helps players of each gender to improve their socializing skills, communication power while interacting with the opposite gender.

Team Spirit

Men and women have worked out in many fields together and brought out sheer skilled results, there are golden legacies of men and women together working in astronomic ventures to research works, politics to social development, business to media. Therefore, games like mixed netball open the gate of mutual and interdependent strength and magic even in the world of sports. While playing together these players get to understand the tactics of the opposite gender in handling the game.

Therefore, if you delve into the in-depth advantages of mixed netball you will agree to not only watch a live game but also to encourage further tournaments.

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