Top Essential Oils for Nausea

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Top Essential Oils for Nausea | Lifestyle Glitz

Nausea is a very popular symptom in the social society. There are many ways to prevent and treat this disease and to heal nausea. Here are top essential oils for nausea.

1.      Ginger Tea

Ginger and ginger tea are among the top essential oils for nausea. The herb – ginger, stimulates blood flow to the brain better. It also helps to reduce the severity of dizziness while the pungency in ginger will reverse nausea effectively. You can put fresh ginger into the water to drink with some sugar or make ginger tea to drink.

2.      Lemonade

A glass of warm lemon juice can help you cure nausea and vomiting faster. Lemonade is an essential oil that contains more vitamin C. It will help you feel better and more alert. Besides ginger juice, lemonade is also a way to help cure dizziness, very effectively.

3.      Honey

Honey is our third top essential oil for nausea that can provide energy quickly to the body and help prevent nausea. With nausea and vomiting, you can make a glass of honey lemon juice or honey apple cider vinegar. They are all quite effective.

4.      Cinnamon

Cinnamon oil is a natural extract extracted from the skin and leaves of cinnamon in our country. Since the discovery of essential oils, people invest in heavy Cinnamon plantations in the mountains, and it has grown steadily. Suppliers simply put a few drops of cinnamon pure oil into small bottles and close them tight. There is no need to add other preservatives. Cinnamon oil has a warm aroma, can warm up the body, cure a headache, and car sick very effectively. Before taking this essential oil for nausea, you should eat enough rice. Do not eat too much or too little, nor eat junk food because it will cause abdominal pain.

After eating for 15 minutes, take a bottle of cinnamon oil and drink a drop. This protects the stomach against nausea when riding. Also, make a small bottle of cinnamon oil in a ratio of 1 drop of essential oil with 10 drops of water. Put it in a bottle of perfume and spray on the car to help purify the air pollution in the car and against the cold.

5.      Peppermint

Peppermint oil is number five on our list of top essential oils for nausea but it is equally important. It reduces muscle contraction due to serotonin, preventing spasms in the stomach. Many mint badges are effective against vomiting.

Research on Top Essential Oils for Nausea

In 2012, researchers at Mellow University in New York evaluated the severity of the pain experienced by women in surgery. The objective of the case is to treat it with medicinal cream with hygiene or inhaled menthol. More studies showed that patients with mild sperm aspiration did not feel any better.

A research in 2013 there was another research that proved that there are many ways to use peppermint oil to combat nausea. Try rubbing 1-2 drops into the back of the neck and feet. You can also use 5-10 drops of silver essential oil in a cool or warm bath for bathing.

Infograph on Top Essential Oils for Nausea

Hope that our infograph about the top essential oils for nausea will help you a lot. Let practice these amazing tips by CareKees!

Lifestyle Glitz - Top Essential Oils for Nausea

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