Top 7 Ways to Improve Safety Measures

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Top 7 Ways to Improve Safety Measures | Lifestyle Glitz

Delhi Realtor Jagmohan Garg Says ‘Mall Security is Paramount.’ Malls should invest more time and money in safety measures.  

Malls have evolved over the years to become multi-purpose destinations. According to Jagmohan Garg, a well-known realtor in Delhi, and the owner of D Mall, it is very important to keep improving the features of malls to attract people. These include implementing safety measures at different levels. The malls are no longer built as retail centers. But they are evolving as family destinations.

Mall owners must focus on developing the features of malls, including design, lifts, and safety. Nowadays, the attention is mainly on improving the security of malls. Improving the security is as important as improving any other feature of a mall as it makes the visitors comfortable. A number of safety measures can be taken to achieve desirable security.

Jagmohan Garg says that he implements 7 safety measures to improve the overall security of D Malls:

1.      Qualified and well-trained professionals:

The security plan is always different in the malls as compared to a normal organization. They cannot get too close for comfort, as it is a public place. However, they would likely perform their duty with complete awareness, 24×7. Therefore, it is necessary to hire qualified and well-trained officers to maintain a balance.

2.      Defined mission statement:

The authorities must design a clear security binder. There must be defined duties of every security guard in advance. It is not possible to maintain peace without a defined mission statement.

3.      Training:

More often than not, people hire security guards based on their previous experience, without giving them a proper training for a new job. It is very important to train new security guards before they start working in the new environment, as every sector has a different requirement.

4.      Video and audio recording system:

In order to record all the criminal activities, it is vital to have a high-quality audio and video recording system in place. There is the need to increase surveillance significantly during holidays. In the past with the help of better surveillance through these recording systems, people were able to avoid a number of mishaps.

5.      Enhance emergency procedure:

Security must be ready for any kind of trouble. They must be ready with equipment to handle emergencies like shooting, abduction, bomb threat, etc.

6.      Patrolling as safety measures:

According to Jagmohan Garg, it is important to increase patrolling in special areas like parking lots, food courts, etc. Most of the unwanted incidents take place in such areas. Regular patrolling can play a major role in deterring crime.

7.      Good use of technology:

All the security guards must be familiar with technology. They must carry transmitters for flawless communication to create awareness among the staff, in case of any unusual activity.

Overall, we cannot ignore the importance of taking safety measures. Therefore, it is important to take adequate safety measures to improve the functions of security. And to provide a safe zone to the visitors. By doing this, a mall can surely attract people. Jagmohan Garg has exactly followed the same mantra to increase the popularity of D Mall Rohini and Pitampura. These malls are well maintained and rated among the best malls in North Delhi.

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