Timber Flooring Bringing Aesthetic Charm into Your Living Space

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Timber Flooring - Bringing Aesthetic Charm into Your Home

The uses and applications of wood never cease to surprise us. The most recent creative uses of timber are its applications in the construction of flooring. Timber flooring exudes modern charm which does not fade away with time. Their appeal, sturdiness, and natural beauty adds a warm glow in hearts and houses.

Choices at Your Disposal

God has worked with the expertise of a creative artist in bringing to life the innumerable plants around us. This amazing work has brought at our disposal an exciting range of wooden floorings, which range from:

  • Hardwood or the wood from the rare and more expensive deciduous trees. The flooring made from the teak, mahogany, birch and oak fall in this prime category. They form hardy floors which are fascinating and create a masterpiece design.
  • Softwood is the right choice for those who are looking for a cheaper alternative and yet want the scintillating to feel of wood in their homes. Cedar trees, fir, and pines have found extensive usage in homes and offices in recent years.
  • Engineered wood is all about joining wooden veneers together with an adhesive and coating them with a lacquer to give a finished look. They are also a very popular timber flooring choice for offices and hospitality industry.

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Boons of Timber Flooring

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It is but natural for any individual to weigh the boons and banes of a particular product before investing his/her hard-earned money into it. The prevalent ceramic and cement floors are losing their popularity to the more ingenious, easy to maintain and highly durable timber flooring. It has found its way in almost all architectural delights we come across these days.

More Information

  • Timber floor scores brownie points for its character of easy maintenance. For those who have a very hectic lifestyle and still want their houses to look spic and span this kind of floor has a lot in the offering.
  • As compared to the other kind of floorings, wood comes in a number of colors, designs, textures, and hardness in an all-natural way. This wide range of options gives one the advantage of choosing what suits his home the most.
  • This flooring has always stayed in fashion. Structures as old as monasteries and now the modern 7-star properties all have successfully molded this flooring style to meet trends and needs.
  • One can vouch for its toughness. Once put the wooden flooring can withstand the test of time and last for decades together. Thus, offsetting its initial high cost in a very effective manner.
  • The original attractiveness of timber flooring can be refurbished by abrading the floor. If the damage is a bit deep set, sanding the floor can bring back its beauty in no time.
  • This flooring is an amazing combination of usefulness and attractiveness. The heat-resistant properties of wood make it a very safe choice for kitchens and other areas prone to fire threats.
  • If your feet go numb on the concrete flooring in the winter days, you should opt for the timber floors. They have insulating properties and thus naturally warms the surroundings, making homes and work areas comfortable and cozy.


Choosing the timber flooring which suits your budget and your lifestyle requires careful analysis of all the available options. Getting guaranteed stuff and expert installers hold equal significance as making the right buying decision.

A wooden floor is a one-time investment which shall be an integral part of your life and the generations to come, thus the ultimate choice should exhibit a long-term perspective. So, browse through the available varieties and give your homes the wooden charm.

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