Get a Shower Channel Now for a Better Style Quotient of Your Bathroom

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Shower Channel - Better Style Quotient of Your Bathroom

If you have been thinking about utilizing your bathroom space effectively, you should install a shower channel. These days walk-in showers and partition free showers have become very common, especially hotel bathrooms. These come with drainage options based on flexible metallic sheets, known as shower channels. These can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom by giving it a highly stylized, futuristic edge. Models of these channels come in different shapes, sizes, and designs you can choose from many options available in the market.

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Shower Channel vs. Traditional Shower Drains:

Shower channels have certain advantages over general shower drains:

  • Easy Installation: Traditional drains need a lot of time to install, as the process is complicated. Slopes need to be in four different directions. On the other hand, shower channels need just one slope and the installation process is easy and fast.

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  • Enhanced Comfort and Utilization of Space: Unlike traditional systems, a state-of-the-art channel ensures that there are no partitions between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom. This utilizes space effectively and increases the comfort of the user. There is no need to have a bathtub or shower base and mobility increases in a big way. Also, with no partitions, the bathroom space becomes much safer for children and elderly people due to the lack of any obstacles for movement.
  • Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance: Traditional shower systems and drains have a lot of parts and spaces where dirt can settle. Cleaning the different parts can be a lot of hard work. On the other hand, a shower channel has fewer areas where dirt can settle. Also, drainage is more efficient and residual dirt or water is minimal. Thus, cleaning and maintenance are comparatively easier.

Constituents of Shower Channels:

Shower channels involve a tray, a superficial outlet, and a trap. A grate covers all the parts. This grate determines the speed of drainage. Ideally, the grate is such that water and dirt flow at a very fast pace. This is the part of the channel that needs cleaning at regular intervals to make sure that dirt settled in the trap section does not create an obstacle for drainage. The channels are usually corrosion and rust resistant. They are highly sturdy and look very stylized. The standard version of a shower channel is generally of square shape and have a flange. There can be cuffs and mounts as well. There are quite a few reputed companies, which offer completely customized shower channels. You can personalize the design, look, shape, etc.

Types of Shower Channels:

#1. Tray and Flange Options: These channels have a permanent flange connected to a tray, which ensures that dirt does not settle. These also come with a siphon and a mask and the entire system can be self-installed very easily.

#2. Channels without Flange: These are perfect for small houses and bathrooms as they take very less space. Installation is very convenient too. These are discrete and ensure that the tiles are highlighted.

#3. Square Channel: This is the most common type of shower channel and users can assemble very easily by connecting different parts. The system has a square cover and all edges have a cover to ensure safety.

With these channels, you can gain artistic solution of conventional shower drainage by installing high-end channels. Conclusively, if you want your bathroom to look classy and stylish, there is no better option than shower channel.

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