The Three Best Self-Driving Cars and Why

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
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The Three Best Self-Driving Cars and Why You Must Dig Them

Have you heard? The concept of self- driving cars is the next big thing in automotive technology. There will be driverless vehicles running on the road doing your chores like picking and dropping your kids to and from school. Self- driving cars have been under development by many car manufacturers. Many well-known car manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda and Audi have shown a great interest in self-driving cars. In fact, we should be seeing self-driving cars on our roads in a couple of years. Here’s my list of three best picks from the list of best self-driving cars that are yet to come.

#3 of 3 Self-Driving Cars: Google

Google had made its interest in developing a self-driving car quite public. It announced in 2012 that it was working on the self-drive technology and it began modifying cars like Toyota, Lexus, and Audi.  Google successfully built its first fleet of Lexus SUVs with the self-driving technology. Soon, Google manufactured its own car called the Google car. The Google car has been on the streets of California for testing purposes. Google recently announced that its fleet of self-driving cars had completed a million miles of road testing. It does not intend on becoming a car manufacturing company, however, it has hope that it can have self-driving cars on roads by the year 2020.

Google cars have had 14 minor accidents, although Google insists that the accidents were not the cars’ fault, because the cars were manually driven or that another vehicle was at fault. The cars didn’t undergo tests under harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall or snow. The cars fail to detect potholes and do not stop for human beings or police when being signaled to stop. Google hopes to fix these issues by 2020.

#2 of 3 Self-Driving Cars: Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz has been researching on the self-driving car concept for quite a while. In fact, its most well-known self-driving car is the F 015, which Mercedes calls its “research car”. The design of the car aims to make it look very futuristic; it has a luxurious interior and is quite roomy. The research car has enough room for working and sleeping while you are on the move.

Mercedes’ most notable involvement with self-driving technology has been with the “research car” called the F 015.

The car design was supposed to be ultra-futuristic in every way, with the interior of the car being extremely luxurious and roomy, offering plenty of room for things like working and sleeping. The two front seats of the car can also turn around so that the two sets of seats can face each other. The entire design of the car provides a unique driving experience starting from the year 2030.

As far as the technology behind it goes, Mercedes is careful not to label the car a concept car, instead preferring to call it a “research car.” In short, it is using the new car to develop its own self-driving technology. Mercedes says that it has made significant advancements in this; however, the car still doesn’t react very well to rain or extreme heat.

It’s important to note that the car is still a prototype, however, it does highlight the fact that Mercedes is seriously working on self-driving technology.

#1 of 3 Self-Driving Cars: Faraday Future FFZERO1 EV

This is by far, my most favorite, groundbreaking vehicle. It is an all-electric supercar, which pushes the boundaries of modern driving machinery. Faraday Future is the name of a new tech-based company situated in Nevada. Its debut vehicle, an ultra-fast, self-driven sports car came out at 2016’s Consumer Electronics Show, which held in Las Vegas. However, it will officially be available for sale in 2017. It has a strong engine with 1,000 horsepower; its driving is almost completely autonomous, it has a smartphone docking system right in the center of the steering wheel, and it has other high-tech features to impress users. This my dear readers is the future of self-driving vehicles!

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