Things To Consider Before Buying A Diesel Generator

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Diesel Generator

Diesel generators are a popular choice among users as it can be used for commercial, residential and industrial purposes. It is used in manufacturing facilities, hospitals, commercial properties, data centers, power plants, mining operations, etc. These are durable, strong, versatile and help to meet the power needs at very low cost. The main reason the diesel generators being a staple in different industries is its fuel. Diesel is less inflammable, stable and is known for its higher energy ratio. That means less fuel is required to run these generators than those that run on other resources.

Points to Consider while Buying a Diesel Generator

There are different types of generators available in the market. Hence, it is necessary to take note of a few things that can help you in deciding what suits you best. Be it a generator for your business or for your home, you need to ensure that you pick the right one. Here are some vital inputs on what to look out for when purchasing a diesel generator. 


Size of the Generator

The generators serve for different purposes and understanding about the ideal size for your requirement is vital. The size of the generator should be based on whether it is being used at home or business. To calculate the right size, the total load of the appliances that need power backup and its maximum initial load should be calculated. These specifications (max continuous watt and max initial load) can be found on the appliances or online on the manufacturer’s website. The next thing that determines the size of the backup is the frequency and the duration of the outage. If you expect the outage to last long, then a bigger generator will be needed as it needs to provide power for a longer time. 

Fuel Storage

Diesel generators run on diesel. These generators do not have time-specific loads as it runs as long as there is enough fuel supply. That means the amount of fuel it can store depends on the storage tank capacity. Hence, it is better to have a generator that has a large fuel tank. This ensures better fuel efficiency as mentioned at and hence it runs longer than other types. In the case of natural disasters where there can be power cuts for a prolonged time procuring diesel can be a challenge. If you have a bigger tank it can be stored and used during a blackout that lasts longer.

Consider Location

Diesel generators have to be placed in a location that is easy and convenient to access. Before purchasing a generator find out the amount of space available. The area where you plan to install or keep the generator should be ventilated and also have the right temperature for it to function properly.  Diesel generators produce exhausts and hence better to have it installed outdoors in an open area. However, the place should be easily accessible for not just maintenance and routine checkups, but also to start the generator in case of a blizzard or a storm. 

Portable or Stationary

Another important factor to consider while buying a generator is to decide whether to go for portable generators or stationary ones. A portable generator is better if you want to use it for your small business or at home. It is smaller in size and more lightweight and can be moved around easily. A stationary generator is best suited for larger industries like hospitals, manufacturing plants, etc and is larger in size and power. 


Like all other items sold in the market, the prices of generators vary. Diesel generators come in different price ranges and the cost varies based on the fuel type, size, wattage, etc. Though it is prudent to buy the one that you can afford, ensure that quality takes precedence over price. Buying a cheap but low-quality generator will prove costly in the long run as it will need more upkeep and fuel. Make informed decisions and try to get a good quality diesel generator even if the initial cost is more as there will be better ROI in the future. 

Method of Starting It

It may not be the most important factor when choosing a generator but a very useful feature. There are two ways to start a generator; push of a button or pulling the thread. The most preferred and efficient method is the electrical button push. It consumes less energy than the rope-pull method. 

Consider the above-mentioned points when you are buying a generator and also do thorough research on what suits your needs. There are different models, types, and brands in the market choose the one that serves the purpose. 

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