All You Need to Know About Tree Trimming

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All You Need to Know About Tree Trimming

Many of you must be aware of the significance of tree pruning. However, when it comes to trimming the trees in your orchard or garden, everyone has a different philosophy. Undoubtedly, all kinds of pruning have a positive impact on the growth of trees. It is apt to say that pruning helps in keeping the trees safe and improves their aesthetic appeal to a great extent. Here are some important things that you need to know about tree trimming and why you should consider a periodic pruning program. 

Which is the best time for trimming?

Winter: The most appropriate time is late winter. If you want a robust growth of green and healthy trees and herbs in your lawn, then make sure that you prune the trees before the spring arrives. Every plant or tree goes through a cycle of dormancy and growth every year. As most of the trees are dormant during this time of the year, trimming or pruning the trees now can cause less bleeding of sap. Hence, the perfect climatic condition in winter helps in healing the wounds at a faster pace.

Why is winter ideal? 

During late October and early November, the trees do not tend to grow actively. Hence, winter is concluded as the most popular time of trimming. Since most of the trees do not have leaves during winter, you can find that the branches are intersecting or causing growth problems. Tree pruning in winter also ensures new growth as soon as the spring arrives. There are certain factors that you can control if you choose to execute a trimming program at this time of the year. 

Factors to Consider:

If you manage to make specific cuts at the proper places, you will be shaping the trees for the future. The height and growth will then depend on the cuts that you make.
If you want to cause minimal bleeding of the sap, then pruning the trees in the winter will be an ideal decision. At this time, the trees are dormant and are less prone to diseases. 
Trimming is best handled in late winter because it reduces the level of stress to a dormant tree. As there are no leaves left in winter, you can see which part of the tree you are trimming.

Spring: On the contrary, winter may not be the ideal trimming period for every tree species. Some trees require to be pruned during the spring or mid-summer season to enhance the quantity and quality of yields. Also, spring is the best time when you can identify the dead branches and get them removed. Spring is that time of the year when trees start growing new leaves and flowers. Thus, during this time, it will be easier to eliminate those branches that will not leaf or flower when compared to the months when the trees remain dormant. Besides, the trees that start flowering in the mid-summer months, early pruning is essential to encourage them to blossom beautifully on the remaining branches.

Summer: There are plenty of tree species that are benefitted when they are trimmed during the summer. Trees such as birches, maples, walnuts, elms, and dogwoods are perfect for pruning in summer as you can avoid the sticky mess of sap that they eject in the other seasons. If you want to stop the growth of flowers or fruits from specific trees, you can inject a deflowering agent to keep it away from all the mess that a flowering period can cause.

Helps to Avoid Tree Accidents

May it is a lawn, orchard or a garden, tree trimming is essential to keep the trees healthy and make your landscape look great in shape. Every process requires some practice. If you want to execute the program on your own, you need to spend a lot of energy, time and money in addition to following the most effective pruning practices. To make your lawn look organized and healthy, pruning the trees at specific intervals of time is mandatory. If you do not, then the old barks and branches can cause severe damage to the property, yourself or passerby. Therefore, tree trimming will help you avoid unexpected broken branches which you must cut immediately or remove under unforeseen circumstances. 

Enhances the Aesthetic Appeal 

Another common reason why most people recommend trimming is it helps in improving the appearance of the trees. You can prune your trees in their natural shape and eliminate the unnecessary growth of leaves and grasses. Provided that you execute the process properly, you can stop the disease-causing pathogens to affect your trees. During the process, make sure that you do not trim off every brunch that you find unnecessary. Make sure that you only remove the branches that-

Get in the way of walking
Cross and intersect
Interfere or block street signs

Opting for professional help will be beneficial

Some people like to perform the trimming procedure on their own while many prefer taking professional help to get it done. Whether you need tree pruning, stump grinding, local tree removal or logging and land clearing, professional tree services can help you get the job done right.  Regardless of the type of property in which you want to carry out, it may be for a commercial place, home or municipal property, tree service companies will deliver utmost satisfaction through their periodic tree care services. If you want to get the best value for your money, opting for their tree trimming services will be beneficial.

You can prune the trees even at the other times of the year, based on the necessity. Whenever you see branches or leaves that need to be removed, you do not have to wait for the ideal season before implementing any pruning practice. However, the above-mentioned guidelines will help you carry out the process without creating a mess. Make sure that you consider the tips afore-mentioned whenever you decide to perform the pruning process the next time.


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