The Health and Fitness Factors in Kayaking

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The Health and Fitness Factors in Kayaking

Kayaking is a leisure and fun activity that anybody can do from the age of 3 to 83. At whatever level you decide to be a part of it either as a fun or as an active adventure, some fitness level is required for the task of paddling a kayak. Therefore, before paddling a kayak, it is very important that you are aware of the major health and fitness factors related to it. Especially kayaking for beginner demands a very good knowledge of factors related to safety and health in order to be the best at kayaking.

The Health and Fitness Factors in Kayaking

·        Kayaking Is Responsible For Providing a Healthy Lifestyle Along With Full Tone Exercising

With so many benefits that come up with kayaking, it plays a very important role in providing a fit and health regular lifestyle. Being in water for some time is itself an added advantage. Properly implemented ways can genuinely prove out to give the best results.


During paddling, you need to make sure that you are properly stretching before and after the paddling. Continuous repetitive paddling can lead to wear and tear in joints. Therefore, go with proper posture, correct lifting and appropriate techniques of paddling.

·        All Muscles Get Stretched Out

While paddling, the entire body suffers exertion and sometimes it can even become sore and worn-out. The major reason is that with kayaking entire body has to work. It may lead to certain injuries too.

Therefore, make sure that while you are holding a kayak paddle, there should be protection and connection between the arms so that you can do maximum paddling with full safety as well as efficiency. The task of arms is not to push a paddle or pull it, it is just to stay at a proper fixed length and just transfer the muscle power and the rotation to the stroke.

·        Take Care of Your Shoulders

From outside it will not be visible but yes, the shoulders play a very important role in kayaking. For the task of stroking, shoulders are behaving as a connection point between the muscles as well as the arms. Therefore, many times Kayakers come across the shoulder injuries. While bracing, always put your hands below the shoulders. Maintain a proper paddler box while you undergo paddling.

·        Don’t Forget Your Legs

If you are just a beginner, you will not be able to identify at what all places your legs will be used. Yes, legs come into the picture when there has to be a connection between the boat and the kayak. If the boat is small or does not properly fit to the kayak, the legs can become sore. Therefore, before paddling it is very important to make sure that the adjustment of the kayak is proper. With experience, you can get an idea of the total involvement of the legs.

You can keep these simple fitness factors in mind while you are on kayaking and stay fit and healthy.

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