First Time Having Sex: 10 Things to Expect

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First Time Having Sex_ 10 Things to Expect

Sex is never a small thing for anyone. When it comes to having sex the first time, many questions appear in a person’s minds. It is not always comfortable or acceptable to talk about sex to anyone, let alone the first time having sex. It is not a bad option to look up the internet or even talk to your close people about their experiences of first-time sex. There are many things, which entirely slips off a person’s mind about sex, and it only occurs the first time having sex. Following are a few things, which are very typical to expect during your first-time sex.

Awkwardness is Compulsory First Time Having Sex

First Time Having Sex: 10 Things to Expect

It does not matter if you are an adult or a teenager. It does not matter that you have been dating your partner for two months or been with him for two years. It does not matter if the lights of the room are on or off. It does not matter if you and your partner have ideal chemistry or average. You must expect to get awkward during your first-time sex. However, remember that it is not only you and your partner is feeling equally as uncomfortable as you are. It is natural and entirely humane to get awkward at the first time having sex, so laugh it off as soon as the awkwardness hits you.

The Foreplay Will Not Be As Much As It Should Be

Sex is a massive body change, and you must make sure to prepare your body before actually doing it. Foreplay is, therefore, an essential part of having sex the first time. Foreplay is nothing like nuclear science, that you have to spend hours searching for it. Go with whatever you and your partners had decided to do during foreplay, or do what you do during sexting. Keep it in mind that foreplay is important because it prepares the body for experiencing something for the first time having sex. Hence, you must spend enough time on foreplay.

Putting on Condom Might Turn Out To Be a Fiasco and Even Turn You Off

Putting on a condom is a long and embarrassing procedure if you do not know how to do it. The longer it takes, the more turned off you will be. It is therefore essential to understand the condom wearing technique for you and your partner both. Roll down the condom over your penis instead of first unraveling it and then trying to wear it. The packing of a condom has a big reason behind it, and you need to understand that. Another point could be that the condom might turn out to be too dry, too wet, too small, or too big or tear down instantly. However, you must know how to keep up with the embarrassment.

Cheat code: if the condom turns out to be excessively big then you are in a lousy position. Sex might not turn out to be as pleasing as it must be and to fix that you must immediately start using Phallosan.

You Might Be Hesitant or Scared To Look

No matter how much we think, we are ready and willing to have sex immediately, for a moment we all hesitate to see when the pants are finally unzipping and the sex is going to happen for real. However, the feeling of hesitation goes eventually, and you do not need to worry about it too much.

Confusions will Keep Bothering You

You will not quite understand what you need to do and how you need to carry on. First, the uncertainty of whether playing the music will hit you or not. Then the confusion of what type of music to play will annoy you. The better option is to play soft, seductive music, as it will also lower down any other noise. You can even play a movie in the back, especially when you are in the position of Netflix and chill. Be sure to choose the film wisely as any weird line or sentence can instantly ruin the mood of both of you. The confusion of whether to talk or continue in silence will also bother you, which can be fixed by playing a movie or music in the back.

The Curiosity of If You Will Feel Pain or Not Will Not Spare You

As it will be your first time having sex, you most likely would not know whether it is going to hurt you or not. In this case, even talking to people or searching the internet does not help because pain depends on your will and mood. Sex only hurts if your body and mind are not ready for it, but if you are entirely prepared to have intercourse, then it will never hurt. For that, foreplay is of great help.

All the Tries to Attempt Movie Positions Will Be Useless In the End

You and your partner most likely will try all the sex positions you people have ever seen in the movies. However, all the attempts will be of no use, and in the end, you both will be back in the missionary and basic position.

Avoid the Presence of Blood as Best as Possible

Most women bleed during their first time having sex, and there is nothing wrong with that. Most do not bleed, and that is fine too. Bleeding is merely the sign of hymen breaking, and there is nothing to worry about it. You and your partner must try to avoid the presence of blood and continue with whatever you both are doing. However, if there is excessively much blood, then something is wrong, and you must immediately see the doctor.

You will Know What Maturity Feels like Afterward

Since sex is a huge change, therefore, after having it for the first time your mind and body go through many chemical changes which start making you feel mature and different. You will want to tell everyone and no one about your feelings at the same time. The chances are that you will end up telling your ‘besties’ about your experience.

Your Walking will be a Little Defected for a Few Days

After having sex, the muscles of your leg go through a change as well. It will make you waddle for a day or two but that is normal, and there is nothing to worry about it. You must avoid any such temporary pain and only concentrate on how you feel after having sex.

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