Stunning Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate

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1 · 03 · 18
Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate | Lifestyle Glitz

Lifestyle Glitz - Benefits of Eating ChocolateIf you have clicked on this post expecting to find an excuse to eat more chocolate, then you have come to the right place. Cocoa has long been famous for its medicinal properties just like a teaspoon of honey helps cure illness. However, we come a long way from using cacao beans for more than just medicine now; we eat it in the form of chocolate. And honestly, the benefits of eating chocolate are…well, I think you better read for yourself to find out.

Risk of Stroke and Heart Disease Is Reduced

There has always been a debate on whether eating chocolate reduces the risk of a stroke or not. However,  Dr. Oscar Franco and colleagues from Cambridge University decided to undertake the task of establishing whether eating chocolate really lowered heart disease risk or not. They conducted 7 separate studies and five of the seven studies conducted that those who ate the most amount of chocolate displayed 37% lowered risk of developing stroke. And they found there is no effect of heart failure. They did not say that eating chocolate improves health and they warned eating highly caloric chocolate frequently leads to heart disease. In moderation, there are benefits of eating chocolate.

 It Helps You Eat Less

Another benefit of eating chocolates is that it reduces the number of calories. A study by L.B Sørensen, and A. Astrup of the Department of Human Nutrition, Centre for Advanced Food Studies, Faculty of Life Sciences (University of Copenhagen) made a discovery. They found out that eating chocolate is beneficial because it satiates hunger; a study found that eating 100 grams of dark chocolate two hours before a meal helps consume 17% fewer calories when compared to eating milk chocolate before a meal. The study suggests that the reason may be due to a greater amount of cocoa present in dark chocolate

Improves Cognitive Function

Eating chocolate increases blood flow to cerebral matter according to an article in Draxe. Thereby, decreasing the risk of dementia and stroke, conditions in which blood flow decreases. This is especially true for older people too.

In an article by Independent, they explain a study in which some researchers made the following conclusion: “cocoa consumption has been linked to improving memory, short-term cognitive function and counteracting cognitive decline.” This is especially true for older citizens whose cognitive function decreases due to age. The study showed they benefited the most while it also protected the cognition over time for those who consumed flavonol-rich cocoa (dark chocolate). Whether you are young or old, the benefits of chocolate are still present. Perhaps the greatest benefit of eating chocolates is for students who have an assignment due tomorrow!

Now that you know the benefits of eating chocolate, consuming them can bring, grab your money, and buy that big chocolate bar or chocolate mouse that you have been dreaming of trying! However, keep it in moderation. After all, nothing in excess is good for your health or mind. Check this infographic out:

Stunning Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate

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