Saggy Skin: Why You Have It and What to Do About It?

Written by Rohani Egbert
2 · 06 · 22

If you spend hours in the gym to lose weight, you may experience saggy skin on your face and overall body. Know that saggy skin is associated with weight loss. The reduction of collagen and elastin in the dermis promotes saggy skin.

While anyone can have saggy skin, it’s more likely to occur when you grow old. The adults of ages 35 and 40 experience loose skin. Some of the common areas where you might see saggy skin include:

Upper arms

With that in mind, this article will discuss some of the best ways to tighten loose skin and enhance your overall appearance. Curious to know what these are? Let’s get going:

1. Consume A Healthy Meal

Making a few changes in your daily lifestyle and eating a healthy meal can go a long way in enhancing your overall facial appearance. As a reduction of collagen and elastin in the dermis cause saggy skin, certain nutrients boost collagen production. Some of them are:

Proteins – This includes garlic, tomatoes, egg whites, etc. Know that adequate protein is vital for healthy skin.
Vitamin C includes potatoes, broccoli, peppers, strawberries, oranges, etc. Vitamin C boosts collagen production and protects skin from harmful UV rays.
Omega-3 Fatty Acids – The omega-3 fatty acids in fatty fish may help improve skin elasticity.
Water – Drinking plenty of water should be on your to-do list. Besides water, there are some foods which you can eat to stay hydrated. It includes cucumbers, oranges, spinach, apples, etc.

2. Go For A Non-Surgical Treatment

Most people often hesitate to go for a cosmetic procedure to enhance the skin’s appearance. They prefer to opt for home remedies and other ineffective treatments. However, these options aren’t worthwhile as they don’t offer long-term results.

Therefore, experts say that going for a non-surgical treatment can be your best bet. The technique of this process is simple. Your practitioner will use intradermal injection by injecting it in the mid-layer of the skin. Then, delicate fat or plasma is injected into the skin to thicken and improve texture.

However, if you are unaware of this procedure, reading through online resources of a non-surgical facelift by Dr. Hilton Becker can be your best bet. It will give you clear insight into how the process is done and how to take care of your skin post-treatment.

3. Exercise Regularly

Besides eating a healthy diet, regular exercising is necessary. Know that some facial exercises increase blood circulation and make the skin firm and taut.

Some of these exercises include:

Brow raiser
Wink n’ hold
Cheekbone lift
Cheek squeeze
Eye toning, and more.

The longer you perform these exercises, the more you will notice those lines and wrinkles begin to decrease.

4. Massage The Area

Medical experts say that massaging the skin with anti-aging skin cream can increase blood flow and tighten the skin. Know that massaging your face with face oil allows the skin to repair itself and speeds up the process.

So, using the following ingredients to massage can do wonders for your skin:

Almond oil
Pomegranate seed oil
Kokum butter
Mango butter

Know that these ingredients contain all the nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants essential for healthy skin. However, before using these creams, it is wise to look at their ingredients and expect results to appear after a long time.

5. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is harmful to your health and your skin health, too. It contains harmful toxins which contribute a lot to skin conditions, such as wrinkles, acne, itchy patches, etc. For example, smoking can worsen its symptoms if you have saggy skin.

Also, smoking narrows the blood vessels, increases the production of free radicals, and lowers levels of vitamin A in the skin. Therefore, by quitting smoking( or even reducing), you’ll reduce the inflammation of blood vessels that leads to several skin conditions.

Wrapping Up

While having loose skin is common, it isn’t your reality. However, it is not a skin condition but decreases self-confidence to unimaginable levels.

To sum it up, following the tips mentioned above can be your best bet. Know that these tips promise to tighten your skin and enhance your facial appearance.

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