LEGO Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit (145 Piece)


  • The exciting, innovative and interesting toy set to improve learning the skills of kids
  • Perfect gift for Easter’s celebrations or for the birthday of a Lego fan
  • Includes 2 mini-figures, magnifying glass, rooster, wheelbarrow, and eggs with a basket to give it a natural feel of egg hunting
  • Flower garden, mailbox, vegetable garden, and henhouse with an open door
  • The; perfect place to hide the eggs and enjoy the Easter’s egg hunting
  • Safe for little kids (up to three years and onward)
  • High-quality plastic with light material and attractive colors
  • Effective learning tool for toddlers
  • Kids learn to share and to organize things with Lego Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit (145 Piece)
  • Fun filled experience of seasonal discovery
  • Breaking and assembling the pieces and hunting the egg is the best and productive pastime for little ones
  • Every kid would love to have this unique and exciting toy set

Looking for a perfect gift for a little one on this Easter? Planning to buy a lovely birthday gift to make the day of a LEGO fan? Here is the best solution – LEGO Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit (145 Piece). However, do not wait too long as this item quickly sells out. So hurry up and get your order of this amazing LEGO Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit, as soon as possible.

Fun-filled LEGO

This marvelous kit gives a fun-filled experience of seasonal discovery. The kit includes two small figures that are searching hidden Easter eggs around. The other LEGO items include a vegetable garden with a henhouse with an open door. A flower garden and a mailbox are also included in the kit.

The flower garden, henhouse, mailbox, and vegetable gardens are exciting places to hide eggs and make the egg hunting amusing. Other items include a magnifying glass to inspect the hiding places. These include a wheelbarrow and a rooster to add a natural feel to the surroundings. Of course, there are eggs and an egg basket too.

Along with endless fun, this toy is an effective tool for learning and is ideal for both boys and girls. Lego Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit (145 Piece) allows little kids to learn by breaking and assembling different toy pieces without getting bored. Kids can learn to arrange the Lego and to share their toys with others with this valuable holiday gift.

145 Unique Pieces

Multiple hiding places and other little objects make Lego Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit (145 Piece) different from other egg hunting kits in the market. All the 145 pieces of the kit are made of high-quality plastic and are safe for little kids (up to 3 years and onward). The colors and design are attractive and interesting. Breaking and assembling them is a productive pastime for the kids.

The Lego kit adds new words to the vocabulary list of little ones, as they explore the farm life with Lego Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit. Your kids will love you for giving them this exciting, interesting, innovative, and happy egg hunting toy set. So buy Lego Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit and win the little hearts right away.

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