Positive Technology: A Vital Factor for the Betterment of Life

Written by Aara Jones
2 · 06 · 18
Positive Technology: A Vital Factor for the Betterment of Life

Positive technology is an emerging field that relies on both the applied and theoretical research. It enforces the use of communication and information technologies to help polish the ability of personal experiences and empowers one’s soul. It helps improve social well-being and provides physiological and emotional stability to a person.

Many aspects of the society such as education, individual life, social interactions, and medicinal fields can benefit greatly by using positive technology. People can enhance their abilities to grasp different new finding and abilities and promote various adaptive behaviors.

This has helped many people and fields all around the world. Positive technology provides more power in the hands of the consumers who can manipulate the information accessed by these technologies and use them for their betterment. Business technology, electronic communication, communication technology, and educational technology are all outcomes of this positive technology. These technologies have made life much easier and they provide more power to the people. However, at the same time, they have made the lives of the people more technology dependent. This does not allow them to move out and interact with people in person.

Positive Technology in Business

With the advancement of life, there emerges more need for the application of positive technology. In business, technology plays an important role because all or most of the work depends on the use of technology. It increases the workflow and helps gather more information. However, positive technology also generates a false sense of knowledge and makes communication more personal, which are some of its negative effects.

Positive technology helps in the easy storage and gathering information in comparatively less time as compared to the time human beings need. Moreover, the process of gathering information and manipulating it is much smoother. In addition, tracking of the applications becomes easy and profit and loss statements are available.

Positive techniques also make sure of compliance with the privacy policy, data promotion, and advertisement is according to the requirements of the customer. Monitoring the employs behavior is also easier this way. Sometimes hacking the computer systems can create havoc in the business community.

The use of positive technology has made the life easier. It saves the cost and time taken to compile long reports. One can address the problems and issues in a meaningful way. However, the maintenance and the upgrading of this software is expensive and requires great care and proficiency.

Impact on Employees

The use of positive technology in a workplace and educating people about it helps in the smooth running of the organizations and has a good impact. The employees become proficient and regard the value of the products. Educating them about the use and importance of small products can help them deal with the greater technology and devices.

Besides all these positive impacts, there are some negative impacts of this positive technology. That is because some of the employees are not willing to change with the modernization of the technology. Some prefer to rely on the primitive way of communication and working. Such people are reluctant to adapt to the changes and avoid working outside of their comfort zone. Some of them are also bad at communicating with people, and for them, adopting such technology is difficult.

Positive Technology and Communication Technology

The introduction of the positive technology has made communication technology a better process. It has allowed the people to interact more easily with one another using email, text messages, and social networking. It provides a better way for the people to communicate with other people online. Now, people can communicate with other people that are present on the long distances and has made the mass communication an easy task. By sitting at home, people can organize their meetings, pay their bills online, and make huge transactions without any hurdle. All these benefits are due to the use of positive technology!

Impact on Education

The internet facilities and digital encyclopedias at the university and school levels are not only helpful for the students. They also help the teachers’ research different topics and essays, which are otherwise difficult to find. Different materials online help make reading data online easier. Online courses are available, through which the students can interact with the instructors of the best universities around the world. They have the opportunity to study with them, that too without moving abroad. Positive technology has increased globalization. Students can interact with one another and can get a chance to communicate in other languages and learn about them.

Positive Impact on Toddlers

Toddlers can learn different poems, spellings and count at an early age by using computer games. The benefit of these games is that the children can learn under the supervision of the parents at homes. In schools, the computer is a major part of the classrooms so that children can learn more easily.

Web seminars are also an important outcome of the positive technology. The students can sit at home and see the documentary about the historical places without disturbing their education. Even if they are on a tour, they can catch up without wastage of a lot of time. Interestingly, NASA has launched a program in which the students can interact with the astronauts in the space. This is quite amazing!

As the world advances so does the technology! It makes life easier and is opening doors for a brighter and better world for everyone in the future.

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