Increase Your Pet’s Quality of Life with Pet Vitamins and Supplements


As we get older, doctors recommend us various vitamins and supplements to keep us moving as well as stay healthy longer. The same thing goes for our cats and dogs; they require pet vitamins and supplements to stay healthy longer so that they can maintain their quality of life. Given that these animals are no longer hunting and getting the required nutrients from nature, they need additional supplementation to cover up for that. The current cat and dog foods are processed and canned, and they might not offer complete nutrition that is required. In this article, we will look at why multivitamins and supplements should be used regularly and certain situations and conditions that warrant their use even more.

Cat and Dog Vitamins for Healthy Coat and More

Did you know that there is a specific vitamin if not present in an adequate quantity of your pet’s diet can cause their coat to go rough and their skin to become scaly? Is your cat losing too much hair? If the answer to these questions is yes, then a lack of vitamin A could be the reason behind these problems. However, a visit to the vet is highly recommended to identify the cause and the problem more accurately. Still, that does not mean you should not give your dog vitamins for a healthy coat. As vitamin A deficiency can cause other even more severe problems such as extreme dryness in the eyes and unexplained loss of weight in the animal.

Female cats and Dogs After Birthing a Litter

When cats or dogs are pregnant, like humans, their requirement for minerals and vitamins is also increased. However, when they have birthed a litter, their need for calcium increases significantly as they nurse their litter. If that requirement is not fulfilled through their diet or supplementation, it can result in a life-threatening situation called Eclampsia. Such a situation can require emergency medical treatment, to prevent such a case, consistent feeding of supplements and multivitamins is essential. Such quality vitamins and minerals can be purchased easily from online stores like

Pet Injuries Need Proper Care and Attention

One of the most worrying situations is when a pet get’s injured. The problem is even more critical when there is a loss of blood; this can result in anemia. Similar to when we get sick or injured, doctors prescribe us with vitamins and supplements to improve the healing process, the same is required for injured animals. The lack of adequate amounts of iron, folic acid, copper, and B-vitamins can cause their recovery to be slow and even cause it not to heal fully.

Kittens and Pups Require Something Extra

As with growing children, a pediatrician might recommend multivitamins to complement the diet of a young child; the same goes for kittens and pups. They require an adequate amount of minerals and vitamins to grow properly. A disease well-known among humans called scurvy can plague pets; it can cause lethargy, restlessness, crooked joints and brittle bones. However, regular doses of Vitamin D and Calcium can prevent this from happening.

Ensuring the Best Pet Vitamins & Supplements

We treat our pets like family members, and we care for them a lot and we strive to ensure that they get what they need. This concern goes for the food that they eat and is also there when it comes to getting the best pet vitamins & supplements. Asking friends and family is a good start, searching online and comparing the various ones available is a wise choice and finally, getting a confirmation from the vet is the final factor that can help you get quality supplements for your pet.

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