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How many times have you envied someone for her natural beauty and glamorous looks? How many times have you thought, “Maybe she’s born with all that natural beauty?” Have you ever thought that maybe … it’s Maybelline? There it is again! The famous adage that goes with this very famous makeup brand never leaves us, does it? Here’s the beginning of a series of reviews that we will offer our readers. After reading these, perhaps you will want to buy at least one Maybelline product.

Maybelline is the official beauty partner of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, which holds each year between Jun 28 and July 1. If you want to have the natural beauty looks that runway makeup artists create the models walking the platform, you can use some of the following winning products to put together a gorgeous look.

Expert Advice for Total Beauty (Using a Maybelline Product)

Before we go onto the series of product reviews, here’s a list of quick tips that will be helpful:

Tip #1: Use a lip brush to apply the lipstick because this makes the color last longer. Then coat it with three layers of translucent powder. Don’t worry; it won’t move from your lips. To add shine to it, you can top it with gloss if you’d prefer it.

Tip #2: Who doesn’t want skin that glows? To make yours look fresh and beautiful drink 10 glasses of water! I’m just kidding! Highlight the cheekbones using a pink blush and frost it with the off-white shadow.

Tip #3: If the cheek stain is too bright, tone it down by applying a slight tough of the foundation to give your cheeks a subtle flushed finish. This will make your cheeks look like they have a pinch of pink.

Tip #4: When the weather is too hot, do not use layers of powder on your face because this has a cakey effect. If you have to go out, use blotting paper to get rid of excess moisture. This helps set the powder evenly without caking.

Tip #5: Do you want the matte look on your lips without buying a new matte shade? Here’s how to do it. Dust some powder over the lipstick. This will tone down the shine, and then you can apply it.

Tip #6: Sometimes, we don’t know what to wear. At such times, it’s best to stick to something simple, not overly done, and clean. No matter what you wear, applying a touch of earthly colors like sage green on your eyelids can create a neutral look on your face.

Tip #7: To create a full brow look, even after plucking them, grab the brow powder that matches your brows and use a brow brush to fill the brows to form an arch shape. This helps keep it natural!

Now, let’s begin our series of Maybelline product reviews:

Maybelline New York Mineral Powder Finishing Veil Translucent Loose Powder

The rating on for this Maybelline product is 8.3/10 and it is available in many makeup stores and on Amazon. Users call it a great summer powder because they can apply it over a moisturizer during summer. It creates a light and no-shine finishing on the skin of the face. It creates a flawless finishing, leaving the face looking fresh and silky. Some people use it with the concealer to get amazing results when hiding dark spots, freckles, and discolorations on the skin.

Stay tuned! Our next Maybelline product review is on the “Maybelline New York Cool Effect Cooling Shadow/Liner”.

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