Is Your Man Cheating On You? 12 Signs That Most Women Ignore

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
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Is Your Man Cheating on You? 12 Signs Most Women Ignore

Don’t you wish that you could strap a lie detector around your man’s neck? I do so many times. At least, it would save us the stress of thinking too much and suspect everything he does. Here are some signs that top relationship experts say women tend to ignore and that tell he is cheating.

It happens to many women… at first, your partner and you have a happy life, but then something doesn’t seem right. It may be the last thing you’d want to believe, but the feeling that he may be cheating on you is too strong.

Signs He Is Cheating On You

On, Dr. Annie Kaszina, Britain’s best divorce lawyer and Ayesha Vardag, the President of Vardags, and TJ Gibbs the Love Coach, have shared the signs women should never ignore:

  1. Physical evidence – Lipsticks marks on his collar and anywhere on his clothing, or unexpected marks of sexual activity, or perfume and hair. More than once, such signs are a red flag, not a coincidence.
  2. Sudden changes in working hours that become longer than usual, and there may be nights when he is missing. It may be for a couple of days a week or more. There may be a sudden increase in expense, which doesn’t include you.
  3. He is not always present mentally, even if he is there physically. He is often in his own world.
  4. He spends more time improving his appearance. It may mean that he dresses better than before, showers before coming to bed, and he may even spend more time than necessary cleaning his car.
  5. He may express enthusiasm about a colleague, a single female or even a friend that you know. He may be talking to that one woman more often and too willingly. In fact, he may seem over-helpful, and make you wonder if he has a crush.
  6. Suddenly, you don’t matter. He stopped noticing you, even if you are wearing the oddest clothing. You may even burn a hair strand at a candle light dinner but he wouldn’t notice.
  7. Friends, family, and colleagues say things that hint you. People who know you may have your interest at heart but wouldn’t want to be open. Pay attention to the hints in their conversations.
  8. Listen to your instinct. Women have an inner voice, which screams he is having an affair. Your intuition doesn’t have an agenda; it is just a voice telling you to pick the subtle clues. Pay attention!
  9. He accuses you of being too jealous and obsessed, or even crazy. Remember, a cheater’s best defense is attacking you before you say anything. It is a classic ploy aiming to make you doubt yourself. Unless you are a habitually jealous woman, trust your gut.
  10. An accomplished cheater will show you his cell phone, text messages, and emails. That’s because he has another cell phone that you have no idea exists. He will also cover all tracks on social media.
  11. Suddenly, he is over nice. He allows you to watch whatever you want, buys you gifts, and even takes you to your favorite restaurant for dinner. For some men, an affair makes them happier or gives them guilt so they make it up to you.
  12. Some men constantly pick faults on you and accuse you of cheating. They become easy to irritate, and he is always finding alone moments to check his cell phone. Besides, they start thinking that if they succeeded in cheating you, you may be cheating them too.

Here’s more you’d like to keep in mind:

If you’re sure he is cheating, there is no need to stick to that relationship. Try to work things out, but if he doesn’t want to change, just move on. You deserve better.

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