Istanbul’s Stunning Doors are Worth Admiring

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
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Istanbul’s Stunning Doors - Doors Have a History

Turkey is the largest city and home to numerous stunning doors you will see in palaces, mosques, and churches. The designs are sure to take you back in time.

Emperors and Sultans who ruled the empires of Istanbul have long faded into history. However, they have left strong reminders of their lifestyle and rich culture – Doors. Domed mosques, regal palaces, and high-walled churches have a mystery about them. You cannot ignore the aesthetic sense and richness of a glorious past. You will find all kinds of doors that are a passage to your journey to the past. They are small, large, old, and new, simple and some with intricate details. You will find them everywhere you visit in this ancient city.

When you go to Istanbul, you cannot ignore the distinct and admirable styles of doors. They are ubiquitous to Istanbul. Somehow, you feel as if you are in a time machine, which make you sense the three auspicious empires that once existed – The Eastern Roman, the Byzantine, and the Ottoman empires.

Doors from Byzantine Era

The door of the Roman and Greek monuments, palaces and mosques of the Ottoman Empire, and churches and forts from the Byzantine era serve as a book. As you walk across the streets of Istanbul, prepare yourself for a remarkable journey.

Istanbul has layers of architectural marvels. You will see entrances that look like brilliant structures – a work of art. Some existing from the Ottoman era have Ottoman style calligraphy, flamboyant designs with fruits and flowers, and Hellenistic patterns carved into Islamic inscriptions. Some doors are on breath-taking buildings, common houses, and shops and have a monochromatic and minimalistic nature.

Doors with Monograms

Some doors have monograms embossed on them, representing Sultans. Some comprise of white and blue Iznik tiles, many have mother-of-pearl inlaid into them, some have glass and marble embellishments, and some designs comprise of simple gilded grills.

Many travelers visit Istanbul for the view of Bosphorus or baklava. However, if you’re planning to visit Istanbul, make sure you take the time to appreciate the doors. They tell untold stories, but you must have the eyes and ears to listen.

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