Making the Most of Visiting Austin: Events and Places to Check Out

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Making the Most of Visiting Austin

You might already know it as the world capital of live music, and for good reason. The city of Austin, Texas, offers some of the absolute best music experiences you could ever hope for on your vacation. Even if concerts and festivals are not your things, you can still find plenty of items to fill up your itinerary. Austin offers a wide range of activities to fit anybody’s interests and schedule. Here are some of our favorites you must check when visiting Austin.

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Where to Go for Awesome Food

Much like the music, the food and drinks of Austin make for a truly memorable experience. Not only are there numerous taco places which had already earned an epic reputation of their own, such as Torchy’s Tacos or Juan in a Million, but loads of tantalizing local Mexican cuisine to explore as well, like over at Manuel’s. Visit this page if you would like to learn a little bit more about Mexican food’s fascinating origins and colorful flavors.

Whether your palate prefers traditional dishes, waterfront-specific menus, good old barbeque, or rich, satisfying donuts, you are sure to find more than one restaurant, bar, food truck, or trailer venue that will have exactly your type of dish. Keep in mind the local brews as well, and go exploring the breweries, pubs, wineries, and everything in between. This city offers a pleasant glass, or mug, to both the sommelier and the beer enthusiast. Visiting Austin once in a lifetime will be the best thing to do.

Where to Get Your Dose of Culture

As with anywhere else, you might visit, you have basically two choices in Austin: go exploring the city on your own schedule or sign up for a guided tour along a popular route. If you go for the latter, there will be dozens of options to choose from, and you can either walk, ride, or sail. All of them can be booked online hassle-free, either on the city’s official website or through independent vendors – whichever kind of arrangement you prefer.

On the other hand, if you are the kind of free spirit who would prefer to roam around with just a map and a vague idea of a timetable, then you might want to read up on all the amazing cultural opportunities that this city has to offer. This is a colorful and creative city. It is home to musicians, dancers, painters, writers, sculptors, designers, photographers, filmmakers, and a whole host of venues to see all their work.

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You will also find several world-class museums, such as the Blanton or the Harry Ransom Center, a fair number of galleries, the Long Center Ballet Austin, historical locations, cultural heritage sites, and so many more nooks to explore, down to various little street fairs and the somewhat eccentrically named, but nonetheless fascinating, Cathedral of Junk.

The Many Ways to Have Fun While Visiting Austin

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When you have had your fill of delicious meals and peaceful, educational tours of intellectually significant spots, it would be time to let your hair down a little bit and go out to have some fun! Luckily, when it comes to the upcoming events in Austin Texas, there is always something (to be perfectly fair, there are always several somethings) to look forward to. There are loads of online services that you can rely on for accurate events schedules, convenient ticket purchase, and even some tips for getting there and around.

Even if you have no clue as to what specific kind of event you would like to attend while visiting Austin, the city has several entertainment districts – you read that right, entire districts dedicated to having an awesome time – so you can check each one of them out and then mix and match to your heart’s content. Sixth Street, East, and Downtown each have their own appeal, and the picturesquely named Rainey Street, Red River, and South Congress neighborhoods will definitely not fall short either.

There are festivals to attend, golf games to win, and various motorsports to get your adrenaline levels up to decent figures. You can also enjoy the vibrant nightlife, go for a good old shopping trip around the city, and then wind down at one of the many spas that will spoil you rotten. Be sure that visiting Austin is worthwhile.

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