6 Best Smartwatches Available Online in Pakistan

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9 · 07 · 18
6 Best Smartwatches Available Online in Pakistan

The next big thing after smartphones, and Laptop computers: smart watches have already started to make some noise in the market. Yes, now you can easily find the best Smart Watches available online in Pakistan! (Array nahi nahi… awaaz oonchi honay ki waja say nahi! Balkay apni khasiyat ki waja say!!)

Smart watches are primarily wristwatches, with further upgraded features like a few sensors, and a digital screen and most importantly – trust! It does much more than just telling you the time!

However, there are all kinds of smartwatches on the market. For example, some may just notify you about messages, missed calls, or any other app’s pending notification. In many cases, they would pair up with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you can make even calls! On the other hand, some may just track your health.

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It is important to do a little research on your own before you rush to get a smartwatch for yourself.

First off, think about the reason: Why do you even need a smartwatch? And for what?

Answering this question is important because only then you will be able to decide which smartwatch is best suited for you.

So For Our List of 6 Best Smartwatches Available Online in Pakistan Read on!

1.      Samsung Galaxy Gear S3

Without any doubt, Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 tops our list. Wait – there is a reason behind it! This ‘smart’ smartwatch covers everything that you need. You can get notifications for missed calls, alerts, messages, and notifications. Even if you plan to place a quick call, type a quick message, count your steps; take note of your calories, and what not! This smartwatch has it all! To add further feathers to Samsung’s hat, its Tizen based software allows you to get entertainment from different apps from Samsung. It is the number one in our list of six best Smart Watches available online in Pakistan!

2.      Apple’s iWatch

Another breakthrough in the world of Smartwatches has come from Apple Inc. This watch looks beautiful on the wrist, and exceptional in the use, which is why it won second place in our list of best Smart Watches available online in Pakistan. The reason we’ve put it on 2nd in our list is being that it has limited functions as compared to Samsung’s Gear S3. However, it can still provide you with its full support in sports and notifying you of your calls, messages, and other notifications. You may even reply to messages with emojis and pre-chosen text.

3.      Xiaomi’s Amazfit Pace Smartwatch

With this another wonderful device on your wrist, you can completely get phone-free. This watch just helps you in seeing the notifications, and any incoming calls, and messages. This smartwatch proves to be best for a songs’ enthusiast as it can store up to 500 songs! The price tag is not too steep so if you are looking for something in the range, this device is best suited for you! Therefore, it wins third place in our list of best Smart Watches available online in Pakistan.

4.      WiFi and 3G android smart watch GT08 plus

Some people would be surprised to see this smart piece of the wristwatch in the top 6 category. For us, it is not surprising. The former three smartwatches that are mentioned are different from one another to some (greater) extent. However, this smartwatch has all you are looking for – WiFi, 3G android smart watch. Which means: “Array ye to stand-alone smartwatch hay!!!”

Merely, the ‘stand-alone’ property makes this watch stand out. The price is cheap; the hardware is more than expected! You may end up compromising on quality a bit but with a reasonable price tag, it will not offend you much. We think it is fine at number four on our best Smart Watches available online in Pakistan list.

5.      DZ-09 Smartwatch

This is another remarkable piece in the ‘stand-alone’ category of smartwatches. That means you can use the watch without any smartphone connected with it. The price tag is again reasonable so you will not mind spending such an amount on DZ-09 smartwatch.

6.      Smartwatch fit bit

Last but not the least; this watch stands last in a list of best Smart Watches available online in Pakistan for obvious reasons. This smartwatch only helps you track your physical activity, and nothing more than that. This basic smartwatch is recommended for people who are into exercises, and just want something to have a track of their pace, calories, workout, and heart rate.

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