How to Maintain Your House after Summer Holidays

Written by Rohani Egbert
6 · 24 · 19
How to Maintain Your House after Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are the best time of the year for kids. They get to relax, chill at home and do not have to worry about homework or tests. As much as they enjoy and try to make most of the holidays, it is their mother who now has no time to relax with all the work doubled up. Everyone’s routine is certainly messed up and no matter how much you try to have discipline in the house; things are definitely going to be chaotic.

But you really need to relax. Your kids deserve this break. You cannot stop the mess in your house, but you can certainly clean it up afterward to maintain your house. 

Tips to Maintain Your House after Summer Holidays

Here are some tips and guidelines on how you can maintain your house during or after the summer holidays:

  • Furniture:

Furniture is the most delicate part of any household. Firstly, I would suggest you store all the breakable furniture or showpieces at a safe place; away from the hands of your children. As for the rest of the furniture, you need to clean them properly. There are many remedies to polish the furniture; even those hard stains. You can try out these home hacks for clean furniture. Vacuum the sofas; it is the best way to clean furniture without any risk of damaging it.

  • Kitchen:

An unhygienic kitchen is a very big turn-off. It is very important to clean the kitchen once the holidays are finished. Clean the shelves, tiles, and cupboards properly. The most important task to maintain the kitchen is cleaning the fridge. Take out all the food products. Check if all the products are alright and throw away the expired ones. Clean all the shelves and drawers of the kitchen with the help of dish soap. You can also buy a cleaning solution or make one yourself at home to get rid of stubborn stains. You will also need to restock the fridge once school starts and everyone gets back to their routine.      

  • Carpet Stains:

Carpet is one thing that adds grace to your living area. But it is also the first thing which gets spoiled and dirty. Children sitting at home are always lying around in the living area, watching television, munching snacks, and sipping sodas. The carpets are bound to get stained and dirty. Vacuum them properly. You can even send them for dry cleaning. You can also opt to change the flooring if your carpet needs changing, or you can place a beautiful, designer rug to make your living room more attractive. You can check out the latest and beautiful rugs at to make your living room modern and pretty. 

  • Children’s Bedroom:

The bedroom of your children is the messiest space in your house during the summer vacations. It needs thorough cleaning but be careful not to clean it alone. Involve your children in order to teach them responsibility and hygiene. Make sure to clean their beds, place fresh bed sheets, and clean their wardrobe, their books, and other belongings.

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