How to Be Beach Ready in 5 Simple Steps

Written by Rohani Egbert
6 · 24 · 19
How to Be Beach Ready in 5 Simple Steps

The sunny days of the summers are nothing short of paradise for the people who love to live their life to the fullest. When we talk about summer, the first thing that strikes our mind is the beach. There is nothing like enjoying the sun with the cool summer breeze and waves of the beach and getting that perfect tan on your skin. Want a great summer tan? You need vintage inspired swimwear from Lively!

Usually, plan to the beach is spontaneous rather than planned. So in order to avoid the last-minute hustle, it is better to keep your bags ready so that you can instantly visit the beach any weekend without any fuss for shopping.

Following are some of the beach essentials which you can pack in your beach bag to be beach ready:

Beach clothes:

Summer is all about fashion and putting the most comfortable and attractive clothes. Pack your favorite set of shorts, vintage inspired swimwear from Lively, and top or a floral summer dress to flaunt at the beach. Pick out some vibrant colors for the beach as they will look lovely in the photographs. Remember to pack a mat or a cloth to sit on; it is the most important thing but people can forget to pack it in haste.

A Vintage Inspired Swimwear from Lively:

Summer is the best time to show off the body you maintained in the last few months with so much hard work and dedication. Do not be a bore while selecting your swimsuit for the summer; be selective and choose the most impressive swimsuit out of all. You must buy a vintage inspired swimwear from Lively! There are so many designs to choose from; vintage inspired swimwear from Lively is very much in style and looks ravishing. Be sure to choose a swimwear which is attractive but also looks good on you and in which you feel most comfortable.   

Skin Necessities:

It is very important to take care of your skin in this heat. Yes, everyone loves a bit of tan on their body but you have to protect it from getting burnt and dull from harmful radiations of the sun. So pick up the best sunscreen lotion which suits your skin and put it in your make-up pouch. You should also pack a lip balm to protect your lips from drying up. Do not ignore your health in your excitement; carrying a water bottle is a must while visiting the beach.


You have to be responsible and careful even when you are on a break or on vacation. You should pack the first-aid box in your beach bag in case of an emergency. Apart from antiseptic and bandages, it is important to take the medicines for heat stroke, headache, a stomach infection, and painkillers as well.

Entertainment Essentials:

A trip to the beach is incomplete without the essentials which relax you and calms your mind. Do not forget to pack up things which you can enjoy at the beach. Most importantly, do not forget to get yourself a vintage inspired swimwear from Lively. Packing a book, a set of earphones, some games (if you are going with kids), and a camera are some of the examples which you carry to the beach and enjoy the time there.

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