Dental Basics – It Is All About The Food You Eat

Written by Rohani Egbert
6 · 24 · 19
Dental Care Basics – It Is All About The Food You Eat

Dental care is a very important part of your well-being. Bad teeth and gums can lead to many serious and unwanted conditions. Most of us have experienced the pain that we have to endure during a toothache. Teeth problems can also dent your confidence when you are interacting with others and affect many aspects of your life. Continue reading to learn some dental care basics!

Follow A Diet For Good Teeth

Every oral hygiene regime starts with your diet. Before we delve into the things that need to be avoided, let us take a look at some essentials that need to be on your plate.

Vitamin C is one of the most crucial nutrients for healthy teeth and gums. If you are experiencing swelling in your gums or pain, it could be due to a lack of Vitamin C. A very grim historical example would be the prevalence of scurvy amongst long-distance voyagers in pre-industrial times. A lack of vitamin C in the diet manifested itself in deteriorating dental health and bleeding gums.

We don’t have to worry about Vitamin C these days since it is all around us. The next time you go for your grocery shopping, do not forget to add some citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, and other Vitamin-C loaded foods to your list.

Calcium is a mineral that is very necessary to maintain teeth and bone health. Dairy products contain calcium. Whether you prefer regular milk or low-fat/fat-free versions, make sure you incorporate it in your diet at least once a day. Yogurt and cheese are also very good for the teeth. Other important sources of calcium are dark green leafy vegetables, fish like salmon, herring, and tuna, almonds, and fruits like apples, apricots, and raisins.

Phosphorus is yet another important agent in maintaining top dental health. You can find it abundantly in eggs, meat, leguminous plants (beans), and certain nuts.

Don’t Indulge In Too Much Snacking

Food is the carrier of acids and germs that can cause tooth decay. The more prone you are to snacking, the more times your teeth get bombarded by harmful agents. If you cannot avoid these in-between meals, it is wise to brush or rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating. Ensure that there are no food particles stuck in your mouth.

Maintain Healthy Teeth By Avoiding These Things

Why do great dental care experts tell us to avoid sugar-rich foods and carbonated beverages? Sugar releases acids that attack the enamel of your tooth. This acid attack happens every time you sip a sugary drink or bite into a sweet snack and lasts for a few minutes. Let that sink in. Protect your teeth and stick to the healthy stuff.

Let’s not forget that fast food and sugary beverages do other types of damage to your body and affect your lifestyle in the long run.

And while we are on the topic of things to avoid – smoking and drinking too do not do your teeth and gum any favors. Nicotine stains are just one more reason (out of a very long list) that tobacco is bad for you and excess alcohol dehydrates the mouth and inhibit saliva flow, causing germs and infections to thrive.


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