LEGO Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit (145 Piece)

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LEGO Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit (145 Piece)

Lego block toys are a great choice for kids especially for those kids who are between the ages of five and seven. By assembling and disassembling Lego blocks, they have fun along with learning many things. Lego block toys are both for boys and girls; however, there may be specifications also. First, these toys were made of wood. Then they came into the plastic material, which was easier to assemble and disassemble for kids. Today the new LEGO Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit (145 Piece) is ruling the market.

In the market, you can find many Lego block toys but one of the most exciting for little kids is LEGO Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit (145 Piece). Though you can give your kids Lego toys from the age of one year, the toy set we are talking about is for the age of three years at least. Let us have a look at it:

LEGO Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit Features

The LEGO Holiday Easter Egg Kit comprises of 145 pieces including:

  • It comes with three Trues locations, and each has a fence panel
  • It has a henhouse with rooster and an opening door, a flower garden that has a mailbox and 2 lamps
  • It has a vegetable garden that has a secret compartment
  • It has two mini-figures, one is an adult and the other is a child
  • It has various elements and buildable accessories including a magnifying glass, a basket wheelbarrow, and 3 eggs
  • It Measures approximately 2” (6cm) high x 7” (18cm) wide x 5” (11cm) deep

145 Piece Lego Building Block Toys Briefing

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May I give you a brief of what little kids learn from Lego building block toys? To be honest, they learn breaking and remaking of the things, counting and math, making new friends and relations, sharing things with others, etc. This way, they develop social and sentimental aspects of personality. If the Lego building blocks have counting or alphabets on them, it becomes a fun learning for little kids.

As the Easter is also arriving soon, this toy set can be the best for kids. With both fun and learning, it is going to be a great choice. There are other types of toys available in the market like video games, Barbie dolls, and others, but LEGO Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit is the best one.

Lightweight and Safe to Use

The 145-piece Lego building block toy set is made of lightweight plastic and easy to handle by little kids. The plastic material is also of high quality. The color combination is catchy and attractive. From the age of three years onward, kids start learning many things. These years are very important and helpful for the mental and cognitive growth of the children. Lego building block toy set provide the kids with a very healthy game. Your kids will learn about the things like a wheelbarrow, magnifying glass, basket, lamp, and mailbox that are in this toy set.

If you also have kids of three years of age, the LEGO Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit is going to be the best and exciting toy set for them. So, just go with your kids and bring them the kit. Disassembling and reassembling the building blocks will give them a very interesting pastime. This Easter, make your kids pleasing with the colorful Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit. Buy it on now!

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