Key Points to Maintain a Relationship with the Child’s Birth Family

Written by Andy Glibert
9 · 09 · 19
How to Maintain Relations with the Child’s Birth Family

Whatever the circumstances may be of adoption; the bond between the child and birth parents doesn’t diminish. It is hidden inside the subconscious mind of the child and with the passage of time it comes out in the form of questions about the birth parents. But the adoptive parents should not worry about it and handle the situation with love and intelligence. This situation can occur in an open or semi-open adoption; in which either the information about a birth parent is fully revealed or little is known about them. It is good to maintain relations with child’s birth family.

Reasons according to Georgia state law for maintaining contact:

You must be thinking as to why the adoptive parents and the child must maintain contact with the birth parents. According to Georgia state law, it is important that the child is connected with their biological parents. The reasons to know the child’s birth family that are given are as followed.

The Child is connected with the Roots:

When the adopted children come to know that they are adopted to become curious about their origin. They can use different illegal ways to find it out. It is good that the adoptive parents allow the birth parents to meet the child. In this way, the child will be connected with the roots. He/ she will know about the culture and ethnic group to which they belong.

Know about Different Medical Conditions:

For the adoptive parents, it is critical to keep in touch with the birth parents because it will help the adoptive parents to know about the different medical conditions that can be in the family. The adoptive family can prepare in advance for any therapeutic problem that the child may develop in the future.

Less Mental Pressure:

The children face many fears, anxiety, and feeling of mistrust and loss of confidence; when they gain knowledge about their adoption. But when the adoptive parents allow the child to meet the biological parents then all of the worries go away.

A strong bond between Child and Adoptive Parents:

If the people think that the bond between the adoptive parents and child weakens if the birth parents get involved in their lives. But in reality it is the opposite; the child will have love and affection for the adoptive parents that they take care of the child.

Maintaining Contact with Child’s Birth Family:

When you adopt a child from an agency like Tom Tebeau the professionals there will guide you in maintaining contact with the birth parents. The lawyers know that there are many doubts in the mind of adoptive parents; so they give you the following suggestions for good communication.

Start Slow and Steady:

Speeding into any relationship can destroy it before reaching the middle. Same can be said when you are approaching the birth parents of your adoptive child. First, you need to send a few emails to the parents or child’s birth family so establish initial contact. Give time to the biological parents to make a decision about meeting their child.

Recognize the current Relationship:

If the child you want to adopt is an older one then you have to understand that the child is having a good relationship with the birth family. You have to recognize that it will be difficult for the child to detach with the family. The adoptive parents must be patient with the child.

Get Help from Professionals:

If you are having doubts or troubles with the birth parents then it is wise that you consult a lawyer or agency for professional help. The staff there will do everything in their power to solve the complications in the adoption.

Don’t Pass Negative Comments on Birth Parents:

The child will never want to hear any negative comment about their birth parents; even though they don’t have a good relationship with their child. The adoptive parents must be very careful when talking about the biological parents. Your one wrong comment can ruin your relationship with the child.

Have a Flexible Behavior:

The behavior of the adoptive parents must neither be too strict nor lenient towards the biological parents or child’s birth family. If you see that the involvement is exaggerating the limits then you have the right to give a pause to it.

Honesty is the Best:

Definitely, you can have doubts and worries about the relationship between the child and the birth parents. But keeping it in your mind only is not wise as it can create complex situations. You should discuss everything with the birth parents to eradicate the problems.

Meeting the Parents in-person:

Before letting the child meet the birth parents; the adoptive parents must meet them in-person. In this way, you can judge the intentions and nature of the other party. If you see anything wrong then it is your right to stop the parent from meeting the child.

Discuss insecurities with Child:

It is best that you also discuss with the child whatever insecurities have about meeting the birth parents. This will inform the child about the feeling that you have for him/ her and also the child will be careful about the meeting.

Security of the Child First:

The Georgia state law informs the adoptive parents that if you see or feel anything is wrong concerning the birth parents and child’s birth family then you have to put the security of the child first above all other things.

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