6 Reasons Why Every Homeowner Must Invest In An ADU

Written by Rohani Egbert
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6 Reasons Why Every Homeowner Must Invest In An ADU

ADU, the acronym for Accessory Dwelling Unit, is a real estate concept that is fast gaining popularity across the country. Also known as guesthouses or granny flats, these units can be described as a secondary living space on the same plot as the primary dwelling. It is a smart way to add on to your property without actually spending a fortune. As the name suggests, an ADU is a detached structure that you build on your own property. Though you will be more used to the idea of a barn or garage in your backyard, this concept offers much more. This article aims to help you invest in an ADU, read more. 

Primarily, an ADU is meant to accommodate people rather than serve as an extra storage unit for your living space. It is a great option for families with adult children or aging relatives who want to live nearby yet have a private space of their own. So would you really want to invest in an ADU? Do you want to know more about the feasibility of this investment? Let us give you some good reasons why every homeowner must absolutely do it. 

Close family living without intrusion 

The reason why homeowners agree with the idea is that they get to live closer to their family without intrusion. For instance, you may want to have one for your college-going kid so that you can save up on rent. Or your parents may want to live close by and offer childcare support. What’s more, an ADU is a great option to provide space for visiting relatives. If you have a close-knit family that values each other’s privacy, having an ADU is just the right solution. 

Easy to afford and build

Since tiny, functional living spaces are trending these days, you need not spend a fortune for building an ADU. You even have the option of collaborating with builders who specialize in building personalized ADUs right within your budget. The best part is that they take care of the entire aspects, from design to construction, permits and even financing. They make sure that the process is fast and hassle-free as well. What else could you ask for! 

An additional source of income

Beyond just offering accommodation for your family, an ADU may serve as a smart source of regular income as well. Stanley Acton of www.actonadu.com says that building an ADU on your property is an affordable way to have a property you can rent out. You need not lease it as a long-term rental if you want the place later. Rather, you can explore the idea to let it out for short terms such as during the holidays or college season.

Enhance the value of your home

Another reason why ADUs make a smart investment for homeowners is that it adds to the value of your property. Just make sure that you have all the requisite permits and you can add the ADU value to your home’s price. This is a great benefit for homeowners who want to sell or refinance their property. You can actually leverage this extra living unit to command a better price for your primary property. Effectively, you save even while you spend on building an ADU. 

Use it as a home office 

If you work from home, an ADU can serve as a reclusive home office. It gives you all the space you need even while you are very close to your dwelling. The convenience of stepping right next door for lunch or a snack cannot be matched, which is exactly what an ADU office can bring. Additionally, you can save on commute time and cost yet get the feel of working in an office. 

Explore DIY décor ideas

Besides serving as a functional place for your family members or a rental option, an ADU gives you the freedom to explore your DIY ideas. You can even incorporate the modern architectural ideas and features such as open sightlines, lofted ceilings, and space-saving pocket doors. Plus, you get the additional space to store the stuff that is cluttering your main dwelling. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to move your old furniture pieces to the ADU and create an amazing space to relax! 

Now that you understand the benefits of having an alternate space right next to your home, you would probably want to invest in one. In fact, this is the best way that homeowners can use to utilize the extra land around their home. Beyond just being an extra accommodation option, it can actually be a smart, long-term investment for you.

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