Karachi Nightlife

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6 · 06 · 17
Karachi Nightlife - A Must-Do for Everyone in the World

Karachi is a very important city in Pakistan. It has been the industrial center, which has made it one of the most populated cities to live in Pakistan. Interestingly, the nightlife here is equally as interesting and diverse as the cultural diversity. You will find several entertaining things to experience and watch in Karachi, which makes Karachi nightlife worth your time.

The city has a unique collection of cafes, restaurants, and gaming clubs where there is something special for people of all ages. Whatever type of venue you may be looking for, depending on what interests you, be sure that you can easily find it in Karachi. The hotspots are mostly famous eat-out joints where tourists and visitors can find the best Pakistani cuisines.

The main and most prominent Karachi nightlife sites are in Sea View and Clifton areas. You can get to see some of the most beautiful fountain works, historic monuments, museums, and exciting places to shop. Karachi is famous as The City of Lights for a good reason. People here have the talent to work magic with powerful lighting, which adds to the beauty of the city.

During winters, shops remain open until midnight, but during summer, people return to the safety of their homes a littler after 10 pm in most areas of Karachi. The best places to shop at night if you happen to visit Karachi in winter are the Zamzama Street, Schoen Circle, and Park Tower. You would love to have a tour in the horse-drawn carriages too.

Here are some recommended places that you must visit to witness the lifestyle and hospitality of Pakistani people first hand.

Must-visit Karachi Nightlife Sites

Pearl Continental Hotel

Attraction: Live Ghazals and Band

Address: Dr. Zia Uddin Ahmed Rd, Karachi, Pakistan

Tel.: +92 21 111 505 505


Purple Haze

Attraction: Karaoke nights

Address: 66C-68C, 25th Street, Tauheed Commercial Area Phase 5, D.H.A., Karachi, Pakistan.

Tel.: +92 21 586 0941, +92 21 582 4651


Salt n Pepper Village

Attraction: Traditional music, food on site, live music

Address: 3A Beach Av, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan

Tel.: +92 21 35843121-2


Beach Luxury Hotel

Attraction: Dance parties on weekends

Address: Moulvi Tamizuddin Khan Road, Karachi, Pakistan

Tel.: +92 21 356 11031


Al Bustan

Attraction: Live Pakistani traditional band

Address: Sheraton Hotel, Club Road, Karachi, Pakistan

Tel.: +92 21 356 33333


Bread People Bakery and Cafe

Attraction: Live music bands on weekends

Address: 10-C, Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, 26th Street, Shahbaz Commercial Area, Phase 6, D.H.A., Karachi, Pakistan

Tel.: +92 21 524 3256



Attraction: Live music and traditional singing programs

Address: Marriott Hotel, 9 Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi, Pakistan

Tel.: +92 21 568 0111 Ext. 2201


The Elbow Room (Probably Closed Permanently)

Concerts, movie nights, masquerade balls, live shows and much more.

Address: Mumtaz Hussain Street, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan

Tel.: +92 21 241 2241-2

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