Install Timber Bi-Fold Doors And Get That Traditional Home Style

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Install Timber Bi-Fold Doors for a Traditional Home Style

When it comes to bi-fold doors, we usually imagine elegant doors with modern style folding of its sides. Among the variety of available bi-fold doors such as aluminium, Timber bi-fold doors,and uPVC bring a great elegance and warmer feel to the homes.

The beautiful Timber Bi-fold doors render a glorious traditional look and enhance the beauty of homes. They bring the outside in and endeavor a perfect natural light.

Timber Wood Material

These amazing timbers bi-fold doors are available in various designs and a range of glazing options. They are made up of a different kind of timber wood such as:

  • Sapele
  • Idigbo
  • Iroko
  • Red Grandis
  • European Oak
  • American White Oak
  • Accoya

Features OfTimber Bi-Fold Doors

  • Timber Bi-Fold Doors are equipped with a locking system which offers high security.
  • They have a concealed two-point latch.
  • It is equipped with hidden dowelled joints for strength and rigidness.

Advantages Of Having Timber Bi-Fold Doors

  • Boundless natural light: Even when closed, these glass timber bi-fold doors allow a wide range of natural light inside the home. They bring the outside in.

They implement a fresh and appealing look to the home area where they are hinged.

A unique aura can be experienced inside the homes with the perfect and boundless natural light that it allows to enter. Easy spacious access can be experienced from your living room to the garden.

  • Beautify homes: The timber bi-fold doors add a unique kind of exquisiteness to the houses. They enhance the beauty of homes with their perfect glass doors.

The Bi folding feature makes the door look modern and give a luxurious style.

These timbers bi-fold doors make homes more aerial, brighter and contemporary.

  • High security: Though being traditional, this timber bi-fold doors are equipped with modern security features. They allow high security and keep the tension of burglars or thieves at bay. These doors have hidden locking points such as Espanola’s locking, locking shoot bolts and deadbolts.
  • Space Savers: As the doors hide behind one another when opened, they act as space savers. They propose a perfect illusion to be enough wider to cover the area in bringing the natural light inside. However, they are concise due to their folding feature.

Drawbacks OfTimber Bi-Fold Doors

  • Less efficient than uPVC: Timber Bi-fold doors are not as good as uPVC. The insulating property of the timber bi-fold doors is lesser than that of the uPVC bi-fold doors. Also, they contract during the cold weather. Contracting of these doors results in causing gaps inside them. So, timber bi fold doors are proven to be less efficient than the uPVC. However, you can increase its efficiency by adding thermal breaks.
  • More Expensive: Timber tends to be more expensive than uPVC.

Maintenance OfTimber Bi-Fold Doors

Timber Bi Fold doors are a shallow maintenance door. They can be self-maintained properly and will come to great use. Unlike other kinds of doors that need regular maintenance, these doors can be cleaned effortlessly without others support.

Cleaning Door Frames And Hinges:

Usage of a simple solution of warm water with a washing detergent can be done to thoroughly clean the doors and hinges.

Avoid using a harsh cleaner that may cause scratches on the doors. You can make usage of soft cloth or sponges. If there are stains on the doors, they can be removed gently with a rubber ink eraser or with a non-stick pan sponge easily.


Timber Bi-Fold doors are a perfect option if you want your patio doors to occupy less space. They give extensive exposure to the natural light inside. Due to its security factors, these doors are being used widely nowadays. So, enhance the beauty of your homes with this perfect traditional styled timber bi-fold doors.


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