Importance of the Adoption of Pet Animals

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Importance of the Adoption of Pet Animals

Many people tend to keep pets in their home. There is no doubt that the adoption of pet animals makes life better for their owners. There are studies supporting this. People love keeping an animal, feeding it on time and cuddling them makes them happy. After a while, they become a part of the family. Nevertheless, many a time, due to some reason, we find these animals on the streets roaming for food and shelter. Nowadays it is very common to find a pet animal such as cats, dogs, birds, etc. everywhere.

We see them roaming around in our streets. However, have you ever realized how did they reach there? Who left them there? Many pet animals are on the streets when it becomes hard for the owners to pet them or to take care of them. People leave these animals stranded and there is no one out there to take care of them.

22% Pets Die on Streets Each Year

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Many animals die on the streets because no one cares about the adoption of pet animals anymore. As per a survey carried out recently, about 22 percent of pet animals die on the streets every year. Due to the lack of food and due to fights between the animals so many animals die. It is very important for us to take care of these animals. Every citizen should start adopting pet animals. These animals need our love of humans and us humans treat them very bad. Many NGO’s are running in which they adopt these pet animals and take care of them.

Bobby’s Story

Once, there was a dog named Bobby. He was 7 years old, black in color. He was living with his owners at a villa near the countryside. After adoption, the owner gave him a great, safe, and loved life. He was very happy with them and use to go for a walk every evening. One day his owner died due to cardiac arrest. He was very upset and used to cry every night remembering him. It was a very tough time for him. One day he left his owner’s home and started living on the streets. There he used to live in a box and some people used to throw food at him from which he uses to eat some. He lived for a month on the streets. And due to lack of food and care, he died.

We Do not Just Care – And We Should!

From the above-mentioned story, what did we learned? What was the fault of bobby? No one cared about a dog living on the streets until he died. What a shame for human humankind. That is why it is very important for us humans to take the necessary steps to take care of the pet animals and look after them. Adoption of pet animals can make the world better for these innocent creatures.

We need to stop brutalizing animals. Watch this video and educate your kids and other people about not to harm these innocent creatures.

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Saving Animal Lives with Adoption of Pet Animals

There are many organizations such as Save A Pet, Make A Smile, and the Winnipeg Humane Society of Thomas Haughton Barbados who helped many cats recently. The organization of Tom Haughton Winnipeg is widely famous for the adoption of cats. Like dogs, cats also find it very difficult to survive and live. Because there are many wild animals living around and it becomes very difficult for these domestic animals to survive. They end up dying on streets by either becoming some other animal prey or dying by lack of food and care. Many people adopt wild domestic cats and dogs pets them and can make their tomorrow a better day for them.

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