20 Crazy Fun Ideas for the First Date

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10 · 04 · 18
20 Crazy Fun Ideas for the First Date | Lifestyle Glitz

So, you have finally asked her to go out. Yeah, I’m talking about the one whom you stare every day while going jogging. You got the courage and put all your efforts to ask, “Would you like to go on a date with me?” Would you like some fun ideas for the first date?

Well, the first date sounds wrecking. Personally, you have to spend an entire day to plan for the first date. Though planning the first date can be a daunting task, until the time you don’t know what to do.  Most of the young daters don’t know that the first date is actually fun and, and can be useful for both if you stop worrying. Well, I have plenty of tricks and fun ideas for the first date, to make it incredible. The one thing that you have to stop is worrying much because worrying too much about what is going to happen afterward can ruin your entire date. Both of you have to be calm and active to make your first date a key to another romantic date.

What Makes the First Date a Great?

So what makes a great first date? Does it matter? Does it depend on whom you are? How do you talk? And so on.

Well, all the above things equally contribute to making the first date amazing. It doesn’t matter where you are going, whether to an upscale rooftop lounge or taking a glass of wine and having a budget dine in the park with crusty garlic pieces of bread. The thing that matters is how you communicate with each other.

20 Fun Ideas for the First Date

Don’t be so open or limited on your first date. Be a little open and friendly. Make sure you are making another person comfortable and a real connection is developing between both of you!

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the quirky, crazy, and fun ideas for the first date. You both can use these to make your first date a memorable one.

1.      How about visiting an art museum:

If you are an art lover, then ask your date to come along at the art museum and explore him/her about the arts and paintings. This is probably the best of our fun ideas for the first date.

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2.      How about a board game at the café:

Board games are surprisingly a fun activity to make your first date happy. Board games like chess, snake-ladder, checkers, and other are a great way to encourage you to work together. Visit a nearby coffee shop and play board games to make your first date a super fun date.

3.      How about going to a flea market:

Give your first date a quirky glance by going to a flea market. Roam in the buzzing streets and explore another part of the city together. Spending time together can be one of the best fun ideas for the first date.

4.      Sing Karaoke:

This is one of the inexpensive ways to spend your first date. So, get along with your date, head to a lounge, and show them you’re what you got!

5.      Walk dogs together at the park:

If the weather is nice, also take your dog on the first date. Have a refreshing walks on the isle of the park and enjoy a cheerful time together.

6.      How about visiting a pottery class:

Take out your inner creativity and show it to your date. A date spent at pottery class would be an exciting and creative way to know each other better.

7.      Volunteer:

Confused, what to do? Then give your date to others. Visit a nursing home, animal shelter, food pantries, and all other great places to give back and get to your time better. This can prove to be the most unique of fun ideas for the first date.

8.      Attend the local fun fair:

If you know what is happening around the city, then grab the passes and take your date to the performing art fair. With this, you get to know each other way better.

9.      See live music at the coffee shop or bar:

Locate your nearby café or lounge where the live music band is coming. Maybe you got your new favorite band.

10.  Double the fun with Netflix & Chill:

You bring the pizza, and she brings the popcorn. Sit on a comfy sofa and finish the entire series of your Netflix show.

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11.  Get a new view of the city:

How about roaming the city in an entirely different way? Book the helicopter tickets and different phase of the town. It may be one of the expensive fun ideas for the first date, but it’s worth it.

12.  Bake cookies together:

How about joining a bakery class for one day and tantalize your taste buds? This could be fun!

13.  Getting pamper together:

Why not take a salon session together? Visit the city’s excellent salon and get a hair wash, pedicure, or anything you like together.

14.  Visit a free bookstore together:

If you are the book lover, then take your date to a free library and narrate stories to each other.

15.  Make a meal together:

Call your date at your place and cook your and her favorite dishes together.

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16.  Play in the park:

When was the last time you played on the swing? Or slide? Or jump from the monkey bars? If it’s been a long time, then jump over your nearby playground.

17.  Shopping date:

Go broke on your first date, go along on the shopping date, and shop for each other.

18.  Attending a concert together:

How about doing the high school activities? Grab the bucket of popcorn, cheese tacos, and hit to Movie Theater.

19.  Stay healthy:

Put your yoga clothes and head right to the park. Do the yoga asanas, relax your body, and get some fresh air. Partner yoga is a classy way to know each other in more than one way *Wink*. For Lifestyle Glitz, this is one of the highly recommended fun ideas for the first date.

20.  Watch a football match together:

The craze of watching your favorite football team live is like a dream come true. Loads with the snacks and soft drinks, ask your date to come along and cheer up together.

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