How to Take Risks Like a Stunt Driver

Written by Aara Jones
10 · 08 · 19
How to Take Risks Like a Stunt Driver | Lifestyle Glitz

No one knows risk better than the daredevil stunt drivers who rock the big screen. From burning buildings to thrilling jumps, stunt drivers create the action-packed movie scenes that we love to see. For them, it’s just an ordinary day at work but if their job never existed, our movies would be a lot less interesting. It’s the risky stunts that payoff in the end and leave us wanting more.

Why take risks at all?

Everyone has their own risk propensity, and if you aren’t jumping canyons or whizzing through traffic in a fancy car, you may be a little more risk-averse that the typical stunt driver. However, we can learn some valuable life lessons from the adrenaline-seeking professionals. In fact, taking risks in your life can open up new opportunities and growth. Whether it’s moving to a new city or changing your career path, the reward may be worth stepping out of your comfort zone.

Fear versus risk

Risk has a lot to do with fear, but there is an important difference. Fears often stem from real dangers either to your physical or mental wellbeing. Risk can deal with something you’ve never done before or a feeling of uneasiness. If something is holding you back from making your next big move, try to determine the reason behind it.

When should a stunt driver take risks

You never want to put yourself or anyone else in danger. Risky behavior can have real consequences whether you’re driving recklessly or developing bad spending habits. But risk in other situations can have large returns. It can be as small as putting yourself out there to make a new friend or start a new hobby. You can also make smart, calculated risks by starting your own business or investing wisely. Think about your long-term goals and try to keep your eye open for more risk-taking opportunities.

For a fun spin on risk-taking lessons, learn how to take more risks in your life, career, and finances from stunt drivers. The Zebra put together advice on how to safely take chances and when it’s smarter to play it safe.

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