How to Overcome Laziness with Kaizen

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How to Overcome Laziness with Kaizen | Lifestyle Glitz

Every now and then, we all set up new challenges and goals that we wish to accomplish, and soon enough we fail to achieve them. We try to convince ourselves that we can work on it at another time. We say, we are not ready today, and we will do it in the coming week, month, or year. Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that helps you improve.

In the beginning, we may even pursue work with passion, but once we make a small effort, we tell ourselves that we are okay now and convince ourselves that we have had enough. This makes it difficult for us to accomplish our goals and slowly forget about them. Why does this happen? The answer is obvious, it is because we let laziness take over and push ourselves to try to achieve things way beyond our reach, too fast.

Here is when you can rely on a Japanese technique, “Kaizen” to overcome the biggest setback- Laziness.

Kaizen- A One-Minute Japanese Principle to Overcome Laziness

The practice of Kaizen exists in the Japanese culture revolves around the “one-minute” principle, which is a great one for self-improvement. The idea behind this principle is that a person should continue doing something, he or she likes for a minute, every day, at the exact same time. This should not be a problem for anyone; including the laziest person can follow this rule. It is all about carrying a task for the short and small amount of time rather than finding an excuse to avoid doing something that should last for an hour or more per day.

Whether it is reading a book, listening to music, exercising, or anything at all, working on an activity that brings satisfaction and joy to you will train you to push laziness away and ensure that you move to a path that helps you achieve the best results.

An important thing to consider is the need to overcome the lack of confidence, which is something you might have in your personal abilities. You could free yourself from all those feelings of helplessness and guilt. To move forward, you need a sense of victory. With inspiring feelings, you will begin to increase the time you spend doing tasks that you set for yourself.

The True Meaning of Kaizen

The word Kaizen invented by Masaaki Imai itself contains two roots, “kai” meaning change, and “Zen” meaning wisdom. He believed this philosophy could be applicable just as successfully to the world of business as it can in our personal life.

For some people, the first glance of this practice may seem doubtful and ineffective, especially those brought up in the western culture. Its emphasis is on the idea that it only possible to achieve results by undertaking immense efforts. However, challenging but elaborate programs of improving oneself that dispossess of enormous amounts of energy could end up exhausting a person with no tangible results. On the other hand, the practice of Kaizan is something that people could possibly attempt in any sphere of their existence, virtually!

All a person has to do is understand what it is you wish to achieve and you are all ready to go.

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