How to Make Cross Country Moving Easier

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How to Make Cross Country Moving Easier

You are so wrong if you think cross country moving is just transferring things and family from point A to point B. Especially, if you’re going across the country. Think about how it was the last time you moved, although you crossed just a few blocks closer to the downtown.

In that case, your friends could help you to bring a lot of stuff on foot. Now, you will only be able to take some personal things with you. The rest of your property, like furniture and clothes, will be in the trunk of a moving truck. Please note this is absolutely the easiest way to transfer things across the country, but there are more options, depending on your financial capabilities.

Today, the minimalism prevails, and that is good for many reasons. Your cross country moving will be easy, and you don’t have to worry about all these items, whether you forgot something or not. And finally, let’s not forget the financial moment – the fewer things you have, the cost of moving will be lower. How your moving can be even cheaper, find out here.

Good Organization Is a Half of the Job

If you are waiting for the last moment to organize moving and start with packing, say hello to a lot of stress. So take a few days-off and slowly write down everything you have to do. Making a plan and list of things will not take you a lot of time, but it will worth every second. If you move with your family, consider every possible suggestion of your family members. Every idea can be helpful.

Make a List

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One list should contain all the necessary actions you have to take before the final departure, like changing the data in all relevant institutions, paying bills and settling all the debts. As soon as you finish with bureaucracy, it will be easier for you to start over in the new place of residence.

On the second list, write down all stuff that you’ll need in the new apartment. You can divide it by rooms or by the type – furniture, clothes, decoration, etc. All that is excess do not put on the list and just forget about it. Ask your friends to help you with the garbage and removing all unnecessary things.

Get the Material for Cross Country Moving

This is apparently the easiest part of the moving; the only thing that can go wrong is the lack of necessary material to pack and protect your stuff. Therefore, don’t save on the purchase of boxes, plastic bags of various sizes, protective stretch foils, duct tape, and markers. You can get a lot of things in the nearby stores; you can even get the boxes for free if you ask local traders.

Tough Decisions What to Leave or Throw Away

People have the strange habit of creating an emotional connection with things, although we are aware these are lifeless, without any emotion. We finally figure out that something is unnecessary after we started packing. Sometimes it seems that all the trifles of this world are placed in our drawers and closets.

To know more on why we get attached to material things check on this page:

Moving is a time when we have to be reasonable. There is no need to mention how the transfer of stuff is more practical when we have fewer items. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to get rid of anything, but it will significantly ease the process.

Get Rid of Old and Unfunctional furniture

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Depending on whether you move to a furnished, semi-finished or completely empty apartment, you’ll figure out what things you don’t need any more. You can donate it to someone, or put them in storage if you have no heart to throw things away. The antique dresser from your grandma may be a precious memory, but you understand it’s unnecessary; especially since such things are not worthy of restoration.

So, look at all your things and start dividing them into two crowds – what you actually need and what you will throw away. It may not be easy; perhaps there are really valuable memories, but with cross country moving, you just have to be rational and finish it quick, easy, and with lower costs. The amount you save you can use to buy a piece of furniture or decor for a new apartment.

Avoid Cross Country Moving During the Winter

Winter is not recommended for packing and transfer of stuff across the country, mostly because of unpredictable weather conditions that may interrupt this process. The summer is an acceptable choice but keep in mind that most people will decide to change the place of residence in this period – higher demand for cross country moving companies means higher prices. Besides, just think of the unbearable heat.

A separation of things can be classified into a cleaning process. When you decide whether you need something or not, it brings certain relief. Unless you have a deadline for moving out or there are some factors influencing the date of departure, the best time to move across the country is spring or autumn.

Spring is a season that provides a compromise between cold winter cold and hot summer, making the whole process of moving a more pleasant experience. Due to mild temperatures and light spring breezes, all physical actions will be more bearable.

We don’t have to worry if bad weather will disrupt our plans. It’s much easier when there’s no rain, wind or snow, because our stuff is all over the yard, waiting for shipping. From the psychological side, we have more motivation and will to work in the spring so the whole job will be done quickly and efficiently.

Look at cross country moving on the bright side. You’ll have a chance to start with new life, miles away from where you’re just a few more days. Although every beginning is difficult, it brings some new excitement and ambition to achieve your goals and dreams in the new place. After all that stress because of moving, you can make a house-warming party. It can also be a great opportunity to get to know new neighbors.

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